Landscape Lighting: A Simple Solution To Home Security

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting has evolved into very decorative and ambient fixtures. Some lights are hidden in the ground, underwater, or in false fixtures like rocks and trees. Not only does this brighten up your property to show its beauty and design, but also serves to deter potential burglars from breaking into your home. Burglars these days aren’t just your typical criminal in a ski mask either.

There are professional rings of these types plaguing areas of the United States and robbing homes in very large numbers. They are opportunistic and, for the most part, are rarely caught. There are some very simple and cheap ways to prevent yourself from becoming a victim, and one of them is to have a well-lit yard surrounding your home.

Timed Lighting

Timed outdoor lighting has been commonplace for many years now. We have come a little way since the classic analog timing switch on your outlet, but the end goal is the same. Set the timer for when you would like your lights to power up, maybe a specific time of day or even a certain duration after an event. Having timed outdoor lights will help to keep your property lit when it gets dark. This is the best way to ward off burglars. If they can easily be seen creeping up to your property by others, they are far less likely to attempt to rob you.

Most of the time burglars will scout out certain areas and properties that look opportune to break into. This will either be because the tenants are gone for long hours, or during the evening when it’s dark with no lights around the home. One of the best measures you can take is to light up areas of entry around your home such as windows, doors, patio, and garage.

Motion Sensed Lighting

Motion sensors are especially good for one thing, alerting you that someone is around your home. While they will not serve as well to deter robbers like timed lighting, they are a good addition to have and will alert you if someone is creeping by your window. A downside is that this could be a raccoon depending on how sensitive your detectors are. This type of automated lighting is a really good warning signal at best.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

Intense bright white light is the way to go for outdoor lighting at night. This is easily achieved with newer LED fixtures. LED lighting gives off very bright light and can easily be hidden with smaller bulbs. Using newer technology to control your light fixtures is also readily available. You can now monitor the status of your cameras lighting and other utilities via smartphones and tablets. In this digital age of technology, programming your homes electricity can now be done remotely to control cost and the safety of your home.

When you think of keeping your home safe this can mean safe from it being burglarized and also safe for yourself. A clear well lit path around a garden or backyard is also very helpful in preventing accidents. Using a combination of timed and motion sensed lighting is a good idea to protect yourself and your home.

This article was written by Nick Quinlan. Nick graduated from UCF with his degree in electrical engineering and has used his expertise in the field of electricity to become a content creator at Supreme Electric & Solar. You can also read more of his work on Google+.