Great Gardens: 3 Tips For Garden Makeovers

If you feel like a change around your home, why not take on the garden? No matter the size of your garden, it could be quite a fun project to makeover the area and it could add to your home’s charm. Altering your garden can be quite simple—even if you are an inexperienced gardener.

We gathered 5 tips for a garden makeover.

1. Research before you plant

When you redo a garden, you are working with living things, which require a lot of care and attention. You need to be practical about what you plant and where you plant it so it is in your best interest to research each species before you plant them. Things to look out for are their watering needs, whether they require sunlight or shade and when do they bloom or shed their leaves. It sounds elementary, yet you don’t want to plant beautiful flowers that only bloom a few days a year.

Also, if you have a swimming pool you don’t want to spend your autumn fishing out masses of leaves from your pool. Think about your space, how large the plants will grow and how much time you can devote to your garden and then choose strategically where you want to plant what. Don’t forget to set out a realistic budget for your garden since some plants are quite expensive!

2. Design your garden

Gardening can be more fun than you might think. If you have a keen eye for design, you could take on your garden’s layout. Drawing out a rough plan for your garden is advised to map out exactly what things you want and where to plant them. Having a pre-planned design is advised since it can help you stay on track with your makeover. Remember that a garden makeover can be time consuming so don’t take on more than you can handle.

Of course, you could consult a landscaper who can complete the entire garden for you. Another option is that the landscaper could merely draw up some plans to assist you in your makeover project.  If a landscaper is too pricy, pay a visit to your local nursery where you could get expert advice and many options for your garden at a low cost.

3. Arts and Crafts

Just because it is your garden doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the area. In order to personalise your garden, make use of unconventional materials as finishing touches. For example think about using roof tiles as a quirky rim for your flowerbeds or even throw them as steps in your garden. Empty drums or dustbins also make good flowerpots—add coat of paint for a pop of colour. Making lanterns from chicken wire, empty little pot plants or even wood and hanging them throughout your garden could also add some charm to the area.

Remember that different coloured plants and flowers are also excellent to add colour and texture to your garden. Additionally, you could add a water feature somewhere in the area (these days they are quite affordable and you can find them at local nurseries or gardening shops). Give your garden a fresh and artistic look by placing some sculptures or statues around the yard. Small changes might have a big impact!

Corey Rowe is a university lecturer from Perth. When he’s not teaching, he enjoys working in his garden. After some serious restorations to his home, Corey gained a newfound interest in DIY and enjoys using eco-friendly and unconventional materials like roof tiles as quirky features around his house.