Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist

Woman Does Some Home MaintenanceWhen you own a home, it becomes more than a place to live. It is a significant financial investment that requires maintenance and care. Attempting to tackle everything at once would quickly become overwhelming, and most likely you would end up missing important issues. Instead, stick to a seasonal schedule to keep your home in shape and prepared for the changing weather, with the following home maintenance tips.

Spring Checklist

In spring, homeowners should focus on cleaning up their home from the harsh weather of winter as well as ensure that the home is protected from the spring rain.

1. Post Winter Inspection

The changing temperatures can take a toll on the open areas of your home, so inspect windows and doors to make sure they are all working properly. Repair or replace any damaged screens and weather stripping, and inspect the roof and chimney for any cracks or damage as well.

2. Post Winter Cleanup

Power wash the outside of your home and touch up any peeling or damaged paint. Wash all of your windows and clean your blinds and curtains. Clear out any debris around your air conditioner, and clean out the gutters and downspouts. Check the basement or crawl space for signs of water exposure or dampness, and check the caulking around the sink and tub.

3. Spring Preparation

Clean off the outdoor furniture and air out cushions. Get the lawn mower serviced, and fertilize the lawn. Test the sump pump if you have one by dumping a large bucket of water in the basin and seeing if it turns on. Clean out the cabinets and throw away outdated items.

Summer Checklist

Summer is the season of yard-work and keeping your home cool.

1. Outdoor Work

Check for insect nests around the home, and check the driveway and deck for any damage. Wooden surfaces should be weatherproofed every two years. Slide open the crawl space vents at the foundation, so heat isn’t trapped there. Prune the trees and shrubs, and remove lint from the dryer exhaust vent.

2. Indoor Work

Change the filters to your heating and cooling system. Clean the coils beneath the refrigerator and remove lint behind the dryer. Clear out your drains with a drain cleaner, and drain or flush the water heater.

Fall Checklist

Prepare your home for fall leaves and the cold of winter.

1. Fall Work

Keep the gutters and downspouts clear of falling leaves, and rake up leaves in the yard to keep the grass healthy. Set traps for any rodents you have trouble with, and clean out the cabinets again of any outdated items.

2. Winter Prep

To prepare for winter, close or install storm windows, remove the hoses from their spigots and drain them, and store any outdoor furniture. Test windows to see if they are weather-tight. If you can feel cold air coming in, install weather stripping. Have the furnace inspected, and test the snow blower.

Winter Checklist

Winter is when you get to focus on enjoying staying warm in your well-maintained home. Of course, there are still a few tasks you should remember to do. Close the crawl space vents, and cover the air conditioning unit. Store the garden tools away from the elements, and change out the furnace filter. Finally, use the extra time you spend indoors to work on any areas inside your home that need attention before spring takes you outdoors again.

David Glenn is a home improvement expert. He occasionally freelance writes about home maintenance and DIY home repair.