Top Mistakes That People Make When Hosting A Conference

Hosting A ConferenceKnowing how to hold a successful conference (or any type of event) can be tricky. This is especially the case if you are holding one for the first time; as you won’t necessarily know what works well and what doesn’t. This article will look into the most common mistakes event and conference planners tend to make.

Overdoing Control

At many events attendees are told where to sit, when to eat and when to listen to a speaker. It is much better to have a relaxed approach and allow attendees to decide when they want to do things; after all we are no longer at school!

When you are delivering a speech leave it up to the attendees to decide whether they want to come and listen. This way you know if your speech is in fact engaging, as people will stop what they are doing to come and listen. Don’t force people to eat at a particular time or sit in a particular place. Have food available in a buffet style, this way people can graze when they want.

Not Getting To Know The Attendees Beforehand

Most conference hosts make the mistake of not getting to know attendees beforehand and waiting till the day. This is bad practice, as you may not get chance to meet and talk to everyone, meaning that you may miss up on a really good business opportunity. By researching attendees beforehand, you can ensure that you talk to people who matter to your business.

This also gives your event a more personal feel, which the attendees will more than appreciate. Additionally, by getting to know attendees beforehand you can avoid any embarrassment of asking any inappropriate questions.

Sticking To What Worked In 1990

Gathering 300 attendees in a room for 3 days may have worked in the 90’s, but times have changed since then. Many people don’t appreciate being spoken at for days on end, make it more interesting and only hold a conference which will last for a day maximum. People take in more information by giving it to them in smaller, more digestible amounts. If you don’t cover all the areas you wanted to, you can arrange virtual meet ups to cover these areas.

Worrying To Much

Worrying too much about what can go wrong during your event is one of the biggest mistakes that people make. You should use events such as these as time to show what your business values are and impress people. Don’t get wrapped up in the ‘what ifs’, we are all human at the end of the day and mistakes are easily made. Just ‘pick yourself up’ and carry on, you are more likely to make a sale by coming across as human.

Not Checking Out The Venue

Whether you are looking into conference venues in Peterborough or London, make sure that you go and see the place in person. Don’t rely on pictures sent over to you, as pictures can be misleading. Clever angles can be used to make a room look bigger, so avoid disappointment and go and see it!

By Sarah an article writer interested in topics related to conference venues in Peterborough, London and throughout the UK