Sure Fire Ways To Annoy Your Facebook Friends

We all know that guy or girl on Facebook who just annoys everyone right? Oh, you don’t know someone like that? Perhaps it is because you are the one who is unknowingly annoying all your friends but they are too kind to tell you.

There are many ways to do this without ever even considering that you might be irritating your friends. Below are just few annoying Facebook habits that are easy to change without much effort and that you can do to get more friends and to not lose any that you already have.

Continuous Bragging

You have a great life, your spouse and kids are the best family on the planet, your job is great, you just bought a new car and everything is simply grand. Consider for a moment that not everyone has the perfect life that you do and that while it is great that you have good fortune, they may not. While we all have great things that happen to us and there’s no reason why you can’t share this with your friends, when all you talk about is the wonderment that is your world, people tend to get tired of it. What? Your life has no drama?

You don’t have to worry about anything like the rest of your friends? This makes you come off as boorish or even unsympathetic to your friends who may not have the wonderful life you do.

Vague Posts or Cliffhangers

Nothing is more annoying than seeing a post that is intentionally vague and that was created simply to get a certain reaction, most of the time it’s sympathy. Posts like, “that’s it, no more” or “I’m so over this” types of statuses are just created to get people to ask you what is wrong or what is going on. You may not even realize that you are doing this but your friends and family members sure do. The first few times you make these types of posts you will get reactions, but if you are continually vague, people will roll their eyes as the move on the next post.

Mundane Posts

Yes, you want to share what you are doing on Facebook with your friends but they don’t really care that you’re heading to the gym or that you just ate a poptart. These types of posts scream, “I’m lonely, chat with me!” Or “I can’t stop talking about myself and my life” If you have a friend in the “real world” who constantly told you about every aspect of their day you’d get pretty tired of it right? Yeah, well, your friends are getting tired of seeing these types of posts on Facebook. It is amazing that people will share things on Facebook that they would never share to their friends on the phone or in person.

Also anything having to do with bodily functions should also be tagged as mundane and should never be posted about for any reason.

Unless you want to spend your time sharing your life with the friends you had to buy from a website rather than talking to your real friends, then don’t post any of the above annoying status updates.

Chris Digs is an avid Facebook user who takes his experiences and writes about what not to do on Facebook to keep friends.