5 Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Cleaning isn’t the most exciting household chore to do. But it is possible to make it a little less laborious if you have a regular routine and you know what you are doing. Cleaning the bathroom is probably the least favourite room to clean but there are some simple tips to make it a bit easier. Here are five clever bathroom cleaning tips to keep in mind.

Bathroom1. It Only Takes A Minute

Keeping your bathroom clean is not as hard as you might think. For instance, you can reduce your workload by just taking a minute to clean the shower every time you use it. After having a bath or a shower, gently rinse the walls or the tub and wipe clean with a simple cloth.

This will reduce mineral build up and will guarantee you don’t need to scrub the walls as hard during your monthly clean up. Make sure you also leave the shower curtain to dry open instead of folding it.

2. Natural Cleaners

You also don’t need to spend a lot of money purchasing expensive toilet cleaning products. There are plenty of good natural solutions that can work just as well. They are good at removing dirt without harming the environment.

Make sure you always flush the toilet with the seat down and use a natural cleaning product at least once a day on your toilet. This will ensure that residue doesn’t start building up.

3. Clear The Air Regularly

If you have a fan in your bathroom then always turn it on when you are using the shower to ensure that moisture doesn’t start building in the room. You also want to use some gentle air fresheners in the room. Plants are also a good idea for ensuring that the room doesn’t start building up moisture.

If you have a window in your bathroom then regularly open it for some fresh air. This will be a good way of keeping the air cleaner in the room.

4. Unclog Your Shower Head Regularly

It is a good idea to also ensure that minerals don’t start piling up on your shower head. Every month place a bag of diluted white vinegar around the shower head and leave it like this over night. In the morning rinse and wipe clean with a cloth to avoid mineral build up.

It is also a good idea to consider changing your shower heads and faucets in the sink for low flow options. This is a good way of preserving water and saving money on your utility bill.

5. Utilise Car Wax

There is also a really clever way of ensuring water marks don’t start building up on your bathroom tiles. This is something that easily happens near the sink and the bathtub.

This Reader’s Digest article recommends adding a coat of high quality car wax on your tiles about once a year to prevent this, for example. This is a very clever tip that can make cleaning a lot easier and ensure your bathroom stays spotless for longer.

Caroline Bold is passionate about finding tips to make the household chores a little bit easier. She loves to find natural cleaning products and is always looking for ways to re-organise her files better. When she isn’t cleaning the house she loves to take dancing lessons.