The Perfect Insurance For Business: Cloud Cover Comes With Small Premiums And Big Returns

Businesses are always looking for ways to both streamline their existing IT resources and have access to the latest technologies as they become available. In years past, these concepts were two sides of the same coin. If you wanted access to the latest technology, you needed to be prepared to reallocate precious IT resources to devote them to the installation and configuration of said technology. The entire affair was a great deal of effort for minimal returns.

Thanks to subscription-based cloud services, however, businesses now have all the power they need when they need it.

subscription-based cloud services

For a small subscription premium, cloud services bring with them a large number of different benefits that can’t be ignored. These benefits will make your life easier and can completely change the way you do business.

One of the many ways in which cloud computing practices are beneficial to businesses of all sizes has to do with the idea that they make the latest technology available to both employees and customers at a moment’s notice. With a traditional software distribution, you must physically install all new enterprise applications either on business computers or on a server that your employees have access to. If the software demands more resources than your current hardware configuration allows, you may have to perform costly upgrades.

Cloud based distribution is essentially the opposite practice. Because the software is available via an Internet connection, even hardware-intensive programs are made available to older pieces of equipment that you may have. Likewise, you don’t have to worry about the installation and configuration of these types of technologies. They are available on an “on demand” basis from the cloud at any time for both employees and customers alike.

Another great benefit of cloud based platforms is that they dramatically reduce the cost of IT operations. In a traditional enterprise situation, a trained IT department needs to be on hand to fix any problems as they arise. Likewise, a large portion of an IT professional’s job is troubleshooting issues that users may be experiencing, monitoring the security of a distribution and manually installing any updates that may be necessary for the applications that you use to work properly.

With cloud based platforms, many of these tasks are handled by the service provider. If any updates are released for a program, for example, they are installed automatically by the cloud storage service. The next time you load the program you can rest easy knowing that you are loading the latest and greatest version available. The same theory holds true for troubleshooting and bug fixing.

If you’re experiencing an issue with a piece of software that you access via the cloud, all troubleshooting that may be necessary is handled remotely by the cloud services provider. The IT staff that you have on hand for your business won’t have to worry about these kinds of issues anymore and can instead focus their attention on being as productive as possible in other ways.

Another great benefit of cloud services for business involves the increased ability to get competitive with access to the latest technologies. Any business owner knows that when new technology becomes available, implementing it at work isn’t as simple as clicking a button and placing an order. Traditionally speaking, these technologies will have to be configured on site by trained IT professionals.

If any software needs to be installed, a unique copy will need to be added to every computer in the office – including personal computers if employees have their own machines. This type of commitment involves not only a great deal of money but a great deal of time. With cloud based distribution, on the other hand, the latest technology is available easier and faster than ever before. You’ll be on equal ground with the competition because you will have the same tools in your arsenal as soon as they become available thanks to your cloud based subscription service.

Matt Smith is a Dell employee who writes to help raise awareness on the topic of Dell Cloud Technology Solutions and other network management subjects.