Tools That Help Human Resource Departments

Human Resource ToolsOne of the biggest hopes of any business is that they can grow and become more and more successful. When this does happen, it often brings a number of human resources challenges. Growing and managing a real workforce is not easy, as any business owner can attest to.

You will need to organize and track resumes, analyze your candidates, and so much more. In smaller firms, these difficulties can seem even larger, especially if you are the one who needs to do all of these tasks. Here are a number of tools that can help human resource departments.

Submittable Resume Manager:

This is an excellent resource that allows employers to digitally sort, organize, and prioritize inbound resumes. This is great for when you are needing to hire multiple positions at the same time, as often happens when a business experiences rapid growth. Since it is an online app it does not even take up valuable space on your computer or system.

Resumes are able to be ranked and organized. A simple yes, no, or maybe is a nice filter, but you can sort by additional custom filters. Choose how an applicant was referred, their educational background, current job status, and more.

WorkForce Growth:

This is a cloud-based tool that is used to conducting and then analyzing employee performance reviews. It can also be used to give and receive feedback on tasks and projects. One interesting application of this is to use it for training, especially if some of your tasks are specialized or difficult.

There is an online dashboard that will allow employers to build and then manage custom employee reviews. Specify categories such as strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvements. At just $5 per employee, per month this is pretty affordable.


You may have already heard about Basecamp, since it is one of the most used human resources tools available today. This helps you to manage ongoing and time specific projects. Assign individual workers specific tasks and then track everything done as they move towards completion on the project. It even allows for the giving of immediate feedback as soon as work is posted to the system.

Recruitment Software:

Instead of trying many different types of applications, why not just find an all-in-one solution? This is the goal of recruitment software. It is an easy way to receive and manage job applications to your business. Create jobs, manage the flow of resumes and interviews, and so much more.

You can even create a list of custom steps for your recruitment process and then track the applicants as they flow through the stages of your hiring process. Develop a customized questionnaire for collecting even more information from applicants. Assign responsibilities to your team in terms of who is responsible for which stage of the recruitment process.

This type of software is great because it is a one-stop solution. All of your recruitment information is in one place. Your candidates are all tracked here and all of their information has been funneled here, whether they came to you via e-mail, job boards, or even offline sources.

Using this or any of these other tools will certainly make you much more efficient. It allows you to really get in control of all your HR tasks. There are tons of tools that help human resource departments; the key task is finding something that fits your business and you will like using.

Eric Foutch is interested in helping businesses with ways to streamline the recruitment process. His experience has helped human resource departments in the USA.