Iran’s New Domestic Internet is All About Tyranny Control

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Internet on a Leash

Totalitarian regimes don’t like the Internet so much… it meddles with their mind control and brainwash plans. The Internet arouses debate, discussion and dissent. The Internet grants access to the greatest source of human knowledge and allows to develop individual opinions. The Internet provides a platform to criticize. The Internet is the tyranny worst enemy.

How can you effectively subjugate and oppress any opposition with this pesky open Internet? It really makes the despotism work a lot more difficult…

But from the dictatorship eye, the big problem with the Internet is that you can’t also just shut it down at once. That kind of move will trigger too louder cry from the denizens than the autocracy can handle. Like fire, electricity and Game Of Thrones, once the people have been accustomed to certain way of living {better way of living}, going back is not really an option.

So you have to be wickedly creative… you have to somehow replace the free and open with the restricted and close seamlessly. That will be the only way to ensure the absolute power of the tyrants for the long-haul. Creating the illusion of liberty and choice… when everything is actually fully censored and supervised. Perfect. Absolute. Evil.

All of this is already well-known to the few holding the power in Iran. They acknowledged long time ago that all those Googles, Twitters and Facebooks can eventually lead to their perish. As it happens all around them. As it almost happened to them a few years ago. They have to do everything to remain in their corrupted seats and to eliminate the contesting voices.

But even with all the mighty efforts to censor the web, information still trickling into Iran. The solution? Creating a domestic Internet completely regulated by the Iranian authorities. From Reuters:

According to Iranian media, the domestic system would be fully implemented by March 2013 but it was not clear whether access to the global Internet would be cut once the Iranian system is rolled out.

Iranian officials claims that the private Internet will protect the country’s civilians from cyber attacks. But it’s not about that. It’s not about the safety of people, definitely not about improving their lives and not even about protecting the name of the prophet Muhammad. It’s about one thing and one thing only.


Control the media. Control the information flow. Control the opposes. Control the wealth. Control culture and society. Control formal and informal education. Control any form of dissent. Control the alternative. Control people’s minds. Control to remain in control.

I know many people in Iran and outside might see “my kind” as the embodiment of the devil itself. But you should ask yourselves these: who’s persecuting others based on their sexual orientation? Who’s leading you towards financial abyss? Who’s imposing religious belief (even when it contradicts religious itself)? Who’s supporting other murderous regimes? Who’s already murderously suppressed you? Who’s limiting the most basic human rights?

And who’s now trying to censor/restrict/control YOUR Internet?