Facebook Launches Search Ads To Please The Shareholders (And Only Them)

I’m disappointed Zuck. Don’t pretend you don’t care about what I think, because I know you do. Does the shareholders’ pressure is too much? I can surely understand why they’re pissed, losing half of your money after investing in a “sure thing” (according to some moronic bloggers) is quite painful.

But there is only one way to pivot the company’s stock back into the right direction (upwards) and to please the raging shareholders- Run the company without giving a fuck about the raging shareholders. It just too difficult to remain so supremely innovative when you always have to think about new revenue streams.

It makes you capitalize prematurely unripe features. Like your lousy search engine.

Facebook "Sponsored Results" Search Ads

Yeah, I know what you did there. At this point you probably want to amplify the company’s cash flow in order to stop the huge downfall of the price share by next quarter. I get that, I really do. But instead of focusing on improving a terrible feature (the search thingish), you jumped right ahead to monetize it.

And then, you festively informed all the blogs about the official launch of the “Sponsored Results” search ads. Nice strategy, I’ll give you that. Just throw them a little scoop and divert their attention from the fact that you are just trying to squeeze some cash from your most futile feature. Most bloggers are just stupid like that.

But even if you didn’t made them feel specially warmish in their private areas when they received your “exclusive” message, you probably wouldn’t have faced criticism about this move. Nearly all tech bloggers are just a bunch of conformist pussies without the balls (regardless to their gender) to stand up to the Silicon Valley’s sweetheart.

Zuck, can you please explain it to me why advertisers should spend their money on search ads in a feature which almost nobody is using to discover new things? Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t people only type things in the Facebook search box just to find particular pages/people/apps? Aren’t we all just Googling to find new things (including in Facebook)?

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