Facebook Displays Who Viewed Group Posts and Overhauls Events

Facebook LogoWith nearly a billion active users which relies (many heavily) on its services and tools, Facebook is your REAL go-to friend to make some order in your social life. So as our life are shifting away from the old moldy pen and paper into the modern online world, Facebook’s usability becomes a crucial aspect.

To improve the social network’s practicality (and thus our virtually enslaved lives), Facebook presents two significant updates: The option to view who exactly saw our group’s posts and a major overhaul to the Events feature which will allow better tracking of events and important occasions.

Groups: See Who Saw

Imagine the following scenario- You and your comics-fanatic fans are planning to visit Comic-Con this weekend and because you are all such a big geeks you obviously have a Facebook group for that, where you communicate with each other and where you’ve scheduled to meet at some place before going together dressed like Batman and friends.

But because of some problems, you’ve decided to move the gathering to another location. You’ve submitted a message to all the Facebook’s group members and went to the new location only to discover that you’re the only showed up and one wearing a silly comics costume. Your friends didn’t get the message and you didn’t knew that.

In order to help you realize who actually viewed your group update (and perhaps save you from a public humiliation), the Facebook guys have presented a new option that will allow you to see which members specifically have viewed the group updates. Now we’ll just have to solve your comics issues.

Facebook Groups "Seen By" Option

Major Upgrade To Events

Facebook made some serious upgrade to its Events feature which I can honestly now call my own personal social calender. While we already got used to see the current’s day birthdays on Facebook’s homepage, now with the new Events feature we can easily see ALL of our upcoming events in advance.

The new Events design allows to view all of your events through a calendar view which will spread all your social occasions on a simple but beautiful grid (hovering over event will display details) or through a list view where the events will be deployed in chronological order and will also include suggested events.

Facebook Events Feature

In general, these are surely great improvements to the user experience and usability on Facebook which only deepens our dependency on the social network for everyday activities. In today’s world, Mark Zuckerberg is truly the modern-age monarch.