The Untold Fairy Tale Of Yahoo and Facebook

Holdind hands in the sunsetDon’t you love a good story of a strong friendship, betrayal, retribution, remorse, reconciliation and eventually sweet love making? Well, sometimes you don’t need Hollywood for these stuff but just to keep your eyes open and be imaginary minded enough about the tech landscape.

So because there are already too many boring reports about the Facebook-Yahoo tale, I’ll try to tell it in an original much more interesting way:

Once upon a time, on a far far land called WebLand, there was a young handsome boy named Yahoo which was created by the big bang of innovation. Little Yahoo was one of the firsts residents of WebLand and pretty quickly, through his young creative approach and charm, he became one of the land’s most popular settlers.

But as the years went by, not-so-little-anymore Yahoo’s initial magical attraction has been gradually faded out and although he remain likable, Yahoo didn’t roamed the ever-growing hills of WebLand anymore. Yahoo was all alone and desperately needed someone TO SHARE his life with.

One day, while taking his daily hike through the lonely forest of WebLand, Yahoo saw her for the first time after hearing so many stories about her enchanting appeal from the local villagers. She was beautiful. After a short pause to catch his breath again, Yahoo approached her and politely asked for her name. “My name is Facebook.”

Almost immediately, Yahoo been captivated by Facebook’s charming smile. Luckily, she LIKED him too.

Over the next few years, the relationship between the two has been bloomed and intensified. Both Yahoo and Facebook have greatly enjoyed the unique attributes of one another that filled each other’s blanks- Yahoo was a great story teller which can always create new enticing tales and Facebook which was very friendly with WebLand’s inhabitants shared and spread his stories with everyone.

On one bright morning, while Facebook sat with her friends and shared (as usual) Yahoo’s stories, a new visitor called Scott came to town to meet Yahoo. Even though Scott lacked the required credentials to enter Yahoo’s exclusive hangout club, he managed to cheat his way in and met Yahoo.

Scott secretly put some consulting spell in Yahoo’s coffee while he wasn’t looking and when Yahoo sipped again his witchcrafted drink, he became hugely submissive to anything Scott had told him. “You shouldn’t let her treat you like that”, Scott whispered in Yahoo’s ear, “You need to demand more from this relationship and claim what is rightfully yours…”

Still dosed from the consulting spell, naive Yahoo returned home and gave the surprised Facebook shocking demands– “For using me and violating my rights, you should now collect me double the flowers and triple the delicious eggs you used to in the past!” Facebook burst into tears and stormed out of the house crying and heartbroken.

But despite Facebook’s rickety state, she had no intention of giving up to Yahoo’s unjustified demands. In fact, she was so furious that she decided not to sit silently against her ex-partner actions but instead she chose to fight back.

“For abusing Facebook social skills over the past years and defaming her good name, you are now hereby to pay five dozes of the best praiseworthy wine bottles”, Yahoo was depressingly reading to himself from a notaries letter. As the consulting spell effect slowly disappeared, Yahoo begun understanding he may have done a terrible mistake.

Meanwhile, another member of the exclusive hangout club and one of Yahoo’s dearest friends, member Loeb, has revealed that an unwanted person entered their club and poisoned his friend’s mind. Member Loeb exposed Scott’s forgery documents and convinced the other club members to throw him out of the club.

Ashamed from his recent actions, Yahoo sent his loyal emissary Levinsohn to try scouting with Facebook’s BFF Sheryl for an appeasement and perhaps even a small opening for the possibility of a whole new chapter in the two’s relationship. When Sheryl brought back the message, Facebook knew that even though she’s angry, she was also still very much in love.

On the next morning, Yahoo found a small note hanging on his door, “Meet me where we first met.”

Yahoo rushed into the lonely forest looking for his lost old love, hoping for her pardon. When he saw her there, at the exact same spot where he initially been captivated by her smile, glancing at him with a forgiving smile, he knew that nothing will break them apart again.

The two old-new lovers decided to renew their vows and even to take their relationship into a more enhanced place than it ever stood before where they can tell, share and like much more.

And they live happily ever after… (well, at least in the near future)