Blekko Traffic EXPLODING, Adds More Computer-Power and SEO Support

Blekko LogoIf you are disappointed with Google search results, gave up on Bing and you seek for some new alternative for a search engine, perhaps you should join the millions of unique monthly visitors and give a shot to the “spam free” search engine Blekko.

Already back on April I reported that Blekko’s traffic growth is skyrocketing and today I’m more than happy to say (excuse me for craving for some search competition) that since then, Blekko’s traffic growth has just accelerated immensely at Schumacher proportions.

According to Alexa, from January to the end of May Blekko benefited from a very fast growth in traffic. But then, someone step on the gas (well, many someones) and Blekko’s growth has been intensified from NASCAR to Formula One (Formula One is much faster if you don’t get the auto racing reference).

Blekko Traffic Alexa July 2012

As almost every internet geek knows, one of the best success signs for any website is when the representative of your site’s hosting company contact you and say you must upgrade your hosting plan because the current one can’t handle with the traffic volume.

I don’t know if any hosting representative contacted Blekko but what I do know is that Blekko is upgrading its computer interface according to a new blog post by Blekko’s Director of Engineering:

Since our traffic continues to grow rapidly, we are bringing more machines into service to keep our site humming. While we were upgrading our site to handle more traffic, we decided to leverage our highly customizable NoSQL database to make real time access to our crawl publicly available.

If you ask why does Blekko suddenly growing in a much faster pace even more than before, then the most logical explanation is a somewhat of users’ discontent from the giant search engines. Yes, the search queries Blekko serves are just a little drop in the Google ocean but even the tiny portion which switch to Blekko could have a huge impact.

Blekko’s engineering honcho also says that the search engine will provide a much more accurate and up-to-date SEO data as the search engine crawler (ScoutJet) is now processing more than 100 million pages every day to keep the current engine’s of over 4 billion pages index fresh.

I’m really curious to see if Blekko will continue its amazing climbing and if it can genuinely become a strong player on the search market. I can almost imagine Blekko’s employees walking around and proudly humming “once you go Blekko…”