Facebook App Developers New Options: Unique Users On Insights and User Restrictions

Yes, it is true that Facebook is a powerful traffic driving source for many sites which uses the social network’s Open Graph app integration, but this is a two-way relationship where all those apps are one of the reasons for Facebook’s growth and for users to stay on Facebook longer times.

This relationship will probably just get tighter when the new App Center will arrive soon. This is why Facebook is constantly trying to offer better options and tools for app developers, just as it did in the last couple of days with some new app developers updates.

Unique Users Metrics On Insights

Facebook published that it will offer app developers more detailed analytics reporting through Insights. The tool will enable the developer to track exactly how many unique visitors have been engaged with the app (by clicks, publishing, views) and not just by a total count as it was until now.

Facebook Insights Unique Users Reporting

This new addition will surely assist developers to identify the exact number of users which are using and engaging with their app, how many of them are “returning” users and how many of them are new. Unique users are being measured by 30-day cycles.

The same way developers can see how many people have been exposed to the app’s authorization dialog box and how many of them did eventually grant access for the app. Additionally, developers who sets different permissions for users could understand better which sets if permissions performs optimally.

Facebook Insights Auth Dialog Unique Users

User Restrictions

Facebook lately also posted that it will enable developers to restrict their app or parts of it from certain crowds based on three criteria:

Country- The developer can list the specific countries where the app will be available. Typing none means it will be available everywhere.
Age- Restricts users from under a certain age. The options are the default 13+, 17+ or 18+.
Content- Facebook will apply age/country restrictions based on the content. At the moment only alcohol content is supported.

The user restriction options can be based on an app-level (meaning the app as a whole) or based on object-level (meaning specific parts of the app). On this documentation page you can find full details on how to set up user restrictions.

Facebook Developers User Restrictions