Facebook Becomes More Alive With Action Links For Timeline Apps

Frank Come To LifeFacebook keeps evolving its social network into a living organism by allowing users to interact with more unique vivid features of third-party apps and by enabling app developers to implement this features which increases the level of user engagement with their businesses.

The social networking company has posted yesterday that from now on, app developers can implement new interaction options called “action links” that will allow users to take specific individual actions that relates to the app and the service it is connected to, WITHIN the story itself on Facebook.

If you didn’t fully understand, here’s a simple example to illustrate how it works- Let’s say you are Fab.com user that love adding products into your Fab account and you have just seen a great Fab product on Facebook. Now, by using the action link, you can simply click on “Fave this Product” and it will automatically be added to your Fab account!

Facebook Action Link Fab

This can be a great opportunity for businesses with a Timeline app. They can now define pretty much any action they want that will connect to their service. For instance, an e-commerce business can define an “Add to Cart” action link to products which can obviously increase sales.

Facebook Timeline apps, which initially launched on January and based on the social network’s Open Graph, already proved how effective they are. Many companies are benefiting from a boost in visitors thanks to successful integration with Facebook Timeline apps and of course in these crazy times pre-IPO the company is showing off with these stories proudly.

Facebook will of course benefit from an increased time-spend of users on the social network, because now they won’t have to leave Facebook in order to enter the services’ sites to take the desired action. More time users are spending on Facebook means that they will be exposed to more ads (Ca-Ching!).

This new improvement to the social network platform is another small evolutionary step to make it more alive and interactive by using third-party apps. If you are an app developer, you can enter this page to learn how to implement the action links.