Benefits Of Telecommuting For Employers, Employees and The Environment (Infographic)

In most posts I simply write about the recent web news, events, guides and more useful articles that can help online-based workers, well, to work. But maybe it is the time to remember WHY we like telecommuting.

Working online or as most people like to see it, working from home, is not suitable for anyone and it is neither available at any job. However, there are many good things about it for the right person that has this kind of job.

I came across a nice infographic lately from the software company Splashtop that visualize some of the prominent statistics which portray the advantages of telecommuting. The infographic emphasis the benefits of telecommuting across three dimensions: The employer, the employee and the environment.

The infographic’s stats were gathers from many reliable sources like Staples Advantage, Workopolis, The Telework Coalition, The Telework Research Network, The Oil Drum and Opportunity Now. Let’s go over the stats:

The Employer

  • The average employee “loses” 1.5 hours of work getting to work every day (45 minutes each way), time that could be spent working.
  • Studies are showing 10%-20% increase in the employee productivity when working from home.
  • 76% of telecommuters are willing to work extra time.
  • 78% of managers believes that flexible working hours helps retain and motivate important staff member.
  • 86% of telecommuters are testifying they are more productive when working from home.

The Employee

  • 36% of employees are saying they would have prefer telecommuting over a pay raise.
  • 73% of employees feels they eat healthier when they work from home.
  • Telecommuters reported to have 25% less stress.
  • 80% of workers are saying they keep a better work-life balance by telecommuting.

The Environment

  • 80% of all workers in the U.S. are getting to work every day alone in a car.
  • 40% of U.S. jobs can be done from home.
  • By that logic, 50 million people could have save 587 million barrels of oil which equals to 74% of U.S. gulf oil imports.
  • One day of telecommuting could save 423,000 tons of green house gas. That equals to taking of the road 77,000 cars for a whole year.

Here’s the infographic with full details (you can click on it to enlarge):

Benefits Of Telecommuting Infographic