Where Is Better To Work, At Facebook Or Google? (Study+Infographic)

Facebook vs Google LogoIt is well known that both Google and Facebook are two of the best workplaces in the tech industry and also in general as they offer great benefits, perks, food and (what important the most) salary. But for which of these two tech giants is better to work for?

Glassdoor, a career community that offers an inside look at jobs and companies, has tried to answer that question by conducting a study among the two companies employees and job candidates (by the nature of things, mostly employees) on March 2012.

The research results have been published in an infographic (you can find it below) and for your convenience here are a summary of the findings and results:

The Company’s Pros


25% – Food
17% – Benefits
12% – Perks
10% – Salary and Compensation
5% – Innovation
3% – Laundry services
3% – Communication
Less than 1% – Work/Life Balance, Gym, Other


29% – Food
21% – Perks
21% – Benefits
9% – Salary and Compensation
4% – Innovation
4% – Gym
3% – Work/Life Balance
2% – Communication
2% – Transparency
Less than 1% – Laundry Services, Other

Interestingly enough, food perceived as the biggest pro for both companies. While more employees perceived perks and benefits as pros at Google, more employees perceived salary and compensation as pros at Facebook.

The Company’s Cons


9% – Long Hours
7% – Work/Life Balance
5% – Politics
3% – Stress
2% – Salary and Compensation


7% – Salary and Compensation
6% – Politics
4% – Work/Life Balance
3% – Long Hours
2% – Stress

It seems that at Facebook the employees are more worried about the work conditions (long hours, work/life balance), where at Google they are more worried about the money (salary and compensation).

Boss Approval Rates

Even with all the latest mess at Google, its CEO Larry Page still received slightly better approval rates (94%) than Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg (92%) when both of them demonstrated high ratings from their employees.

The Average Software Engineer Salary

Facebook pays more than Google- Facebook’s base yearly salary is $110,874 plus $13,781 cash bonus to a total of $124,655 compared to Google’s base salary of $103,228 plus $18,117 to a total of $121,345.

Interview Process Difficulty

Google’s interview process (3.5) is more difficult than Facebook’s (3.1).

Overall Company Rating

While from 2009 to 2011 Facebook managed to receive better ratings than Google, so far in 2012 Google surpass it- Google’s overall rating is 3.9 and Facebook’s is 3.7.

Here’s the infographic with full details:

Google Vs Facebook Workpace Infographic