Google Offers Expanding – Partnering With 11 More Deal Services

Google Offers LogoIt’s been a while since I talked about Google Offers or even about the daily deal industry in general. It seems that since the peak the industry had in the middle of 2011 and the decline in the few months following it, this industry is more or less holding still.

It still a huge industry that rolling a lot of money, but for some reason it’s growth has slowed down drastically. However, now Google has presented a serious expansion to its daily deals service and maybe (just maybe) it will wake up this whole industry from the deep winter sleep its in.

Google has announced they have partnered with additional 11 new deal services (or “deal experts as Google call them) to a total of 30 different deal services that will be highlighted in Offers website, mobile application and of course on the service’s subscribers email.

There isn’t any big names among the newly introduced “deal experts” and in fact, six of them are just a little services and five are medium-sized services which includes AT&T Interactive, DoubleTakeDeals, Half Off Depot, Savored and Urban Dealight.

With all those partnerships Google Offers basically became more of a deal aggragator than an independent unique deals provider. It can actually turn out to be a smart move if the industry will begin declining (without even mentioning the $5-$6 billion Groupon’s acquisition refusal).

Obviously that for the new deal services partners it is a great opportunity to receive a boost in exposure, where they are only small-medium size services and cooperating with Google can enlarge their reach incredibly. Here’s what is written on Savored’s blog post that reflects the deal service excitement:

“We are incredibly excited for the increased visibility the Google Offers partnership will provide for the Savored brand, and we believe that Google Offers unmatched personalization/targeting capabilities will allow us to continue to fulfill our commitment to driving value to both our restaurant partners (bringing them the “right” kind of consumer) as well as to eager diners nationwide on the hunt for special offers that resonate with their preferences.”

Here is the statement of Half Off Depot’s CEO Brian Conley which is slightly more restrained:

“Our partnership with Google Offers is a demonstration of the strong following Half Off Depot has built with the merchants and consumers that we serve, We are extremely excited to offer our great local deals to millions of more customers in the cities that we serve and to expand the value we bring to merchants as their marketing partner.”

If you are a deal provider, you can apply to partner with Google Offers by using this form.