Search Engine Market Share – February 2012

Another month went by and this is yet again the time to overview the most recent search engine market share changes and trends, for February 2012. In this edition, I will cover the search industry in the U.S., worldwide and also in one of the fastest growing search platforms, mobile.

comScore – U.S.

The February report of comScore is indicating that the “usual” trending we got used to, continued on February as well- Google’s share went up by additional 0.2% to a total of 66.4%, Microsoft’s (Bing) share went up by additional 0.1% to a total of 15.3% and Yahoo’s share showed another decline of 0.3% down to 13.8%.

Ask’s share remains steady at 3% and AOL’s share fell by 0.1% to 1.5%. Overall, we can see that although Bing is gradually growing it doesn’t take the share out of Google’s pockets but actually from its search-alliance partner, Yahoo. At the moment, this alliance is holding a combined share of 29.1% which is pretty similar to the days pre-Bing (when it was just MSN search).

Search Engine Market Share comScore February 2012

Chitika – U.S.

Unlike comScore’s stats, Chitika is reporting about a VERY different trending. It is showing that Google had lost between January and February 3.74% market share, dropping to 72.11%, where Bing also lose some of its share (-1.44%) and now holds 9.88%.

Chitika numbers are showing that Yahoo had actually benefited from a huge gain of 5.45% share, surpassing Bing and standing at 16.57%. AOL (0.79%) and Ask (0.65%) lost some share but they already held almost insignificant portions.

Search Engine Market Share Chitika February 2012

So we have two U.S. reports pointing on different trending directions, who is right? At this point, I tend to embrace comScore’s numbers slightly more as it considered to be more reputable and authoritative. However, I will keep my eyes open and see if there was some truth in Chitika’s report or it was just a deviation.

Worldwide – StatCounter

The global arena didn’t changed much and it is still under full control of Google that in February held 91.78% of the worldwide market. Other search engines are just fighting for leftovers- Bing had 3.46%, Yahoo had 3.31%, Yandex had 0.36%, Ask had 0.33% and others had 0.75% combined.

Search Engine Market Share StatCounter February 2012

Mobile – NetMarketShare

Even though Google dominates mobile (including tablets) search as well, according to NetMarketShare it lost some share in February. Google has lost 3.12% of the total share, landing at 88.35%. Yahoo gained 0.21%, climbing to 6.63% and Baidu tripled its share from January jumping to 3.34%. Bing had 1.08%, Ask had 0.42% and all others had 0.19% combined.

Search Engine Mobile Market Share NetMarketShare February 2012