Cloud Computing World Economy Contribution: 14 Million Jobs and $1.1 Trillion In Revenue

I probably wouldn’t surprise any tech-savvy person if I would say that cloud computing advancing hand in hand with the development of technology as all major tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon are already well established and invested in this area.

But the progress of cloud computing doesn’t only holds significant technological meanings, but also incredible global-economical ones. A recent study (PDF) by the market intelligence company, IDC which was funded and published by Microsoft, has revealed how deep the cloud computing industry will affect the global economy.

According the study’s findings, in 2012 cloud computing will create 6.7 million jobs all over the world. In 2013 it will jump by more than 31 percent to 8.8 million jobs. In 2014 it will generate another yearly rise of above 28 percent to 11.3 million jobs. In 2015 it will climb by additional 22 percent to 13.8 million jobs worldwide!

For more than half (54%-55%) of these new created jobs, small and mid-sized businesses (less than 500 employees) will be responsible for. China and India will account for nearly half of the total cloud computing jobs by 2015, mostly thanks to their giant (cheap) 1.2 billion people workforce combined, while the rest of the jobs will distribute among the other world regions.

Those are even more amazing employment numbers when considering that the cloud computing industry only began to bloom two years ago or so. Cloud computing will also have great indirect contribution to companies- As a result of lower infrastructure costs driven from cloud computing services companies could allocate these funds into innovation projects.

Due to this better budget allocation, increased innovation investments and declining business costs, IDC predicting that it could add up to $1.1 trillion (yes, TRILLION) in business revenue for a year by 2015! Here’s how Microsoft’s Worldwide Enterprise VP, Susan Hauser, referred to study’s findings:

“The cloud is going to have a huge impact on job creation. It’s a transformative technology that will drive down costs, spur innovation, and open up new jobs and skillsets across the globe.”

As one example for how the cloud-based services are contributing to companies growth, Microsoft are mentioning in their story Aaron Nettles, the co-founder and CEO of Vorsite which offers cloud-based services, strategies and solutions to mid-sized and enterprise customers across the U.S.

Nettles is saying that the cloud doesn’t only has a great impact on the employees of the company, but also with its partners and vendors who wishes to engage with it extensively. Nettles plans to double Vorsite’s workforce this year in order to deal with this growth.

“It seems like a threshold has been crossed where customers are no longer asking, Is the cloud right? but When can we get it deployed?”

It seems that Microsoft already acknowledged the importance of quality cloud computing services to businesses at the beginning of their journey, where about a month ago it announced on a $60K cloud computing grants program for selected startups.

Here’s a nice image they released with the study (you can see it in full here):

Cloud Computing Job Creation Role