Best Things To Do With Your Kids In Clare

The Ailwee Caves From Above The Ailwee Caves have been cited as one of the top activities to do with your kids in Co Clare. Should you want to visit, it is recommended that you set aside an entire day. Upon entering the site, there is the Bird of Prey Centre; here you will be able to view several birds along with an in-depth guide to explain everything about them.

Not only does the guide review facts about the birds themselves, but it also delves into the myths and legends that surround some of them in Ireland. There is also a birds of prey show that lasts for about a half an hour; the auditorium for this show was built to ensure everyone can see and participate in this interactive show.

The Tour

Further out in the woodlands surrounding the caves is an archery course. For €10 you can acquire 15 bows, and they provide you with a one on one tutorial. The forestry sets the perfect landscape for archery; it will feel as if you are actually hunting in the woods. If you would like to further the experience of what it is like to survive in the woods, there are also bushcraft walks for €5 per person. Here you can learn all the survival tactics and how to adapt to the wilderness. Food and drink are also on hand at this part of the site; it is recommended that you check out the farm-based grocer, where you’ll have access to local food and drink, as well as famous items such as the Burren Gold Cheese.

This is also a good chance to take advantage of the walking hikes, where you can have a picnic; the tours of the caves run on a regular basis, so you will never need to rush through the scenery to get to them.

The tour of the caves takes about 30 minutes to complete. It is catered to both adults and children; no one will get overly exhausted, and there is a good balance between entertaining the kids as well as the adults along the way. You will pass through several beautiful caverns and see thunderous waterfalls, along with various stone formations. You will even see parts of the cave’s’ past animal life, such as the bones from the now extinct brown bear.

The Hawk Walk

The Hawk Walk is found at the top of the mountain that the caves lie underneath. Here, an instructor will brief you on the predators that are there. You will be able to handle these predators, which are the world’s only social predatory birds. The hawks roam the air above you as you take your 45 minute walk through their environment. When the time comes, the instructor can call any of the hawks to their arm, and allow you to hold them. This is more than just an attraction; training these hawks is a 4,000 year old tradition. While they are perfectly suited to be around the general public, it is imperative that you heed all instructions, to ensure the safety of both yourself and the wildlife. The Hawk Walk also requires that you notify them of your visit 1-2 days before you arrive.

In all, you can experience all of these family break ideas and access to the site for the costs €70 per person. This experience gives you the most for your money, while also providing visitors with one of the most unique family trips. Be sure to bring a camera, you will want to capture every moment.

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