Raise Your Property Value By Installing A New Kitchen

Trying to increase the value of your property can be a difficult task for anyone wanting to sell their home. Sellers are always at an end of wondering what to change or what not to change. There are certain ‘tricks of the trade’ to help make your house more enticing to a potential buyer, such as painting all the walls of your room white to give the buyer a blank canvas in which to imagine how they would decorate their future home. Whilst there are many other tips to help improve the value of your house, a sure winner is to install a new kitchen.

Installing A Beautiful New Kitchen

The kitchen has over taken the living room in the last couple of years as being the social hub of a house. It is more than just a room to cook food in. The kitchen has become this multifunctional room to not only prepare meals, it has become the room to host guests, for kids to do their homework in and sometimes just sit at the kitchen table and watch TV. Thinking about all the activities that go on in this particular room, this is the one room in the house that a buyer’s decision could be swayed into purchasing the house. So, if the kitchen looks good, new and efficient, a buyer may pay more money as they would not have to change it themselves.

So, what should you consider when wanting to renovate your kitchen?


This is an important decision. Design is more than just the style of the kitchen units and the colour albeit they are factors to consider. You need to think of functionality, space and layout. These three things are inseparable when designing your kitchen. The kitchen need to be able to operate seamlessly as both a place to cook and entertain at the same time. Kitchen islands and breakfast bars in the centre of the kitchen are very fashionable and a must have feature in any modern kitchen. Guests can sit around the island on stools and converse with each other and enjoy talking to the host as well whilst they are preparing food and drinks for the guests. An island also offers extra kitchen work space for the chef of the house and in some cases, extra storage space with cupboards underneath the work surface to store crockery and utensils.


If you are changing the design, it seems pretty half-hearted if you don’t change the equipment. There is the saying ‘The bigger, the better’ but that is not always the case. You must work to the dimensions of your kitchen area. It is worth buying the latest up-to-date models of oven, hob and extractor fan. If you can afford the space, a double door refrigerator is always an eye catcher to any buyer viewing your property. Due to society’s ever increasing demand for a healthy lifestyle, steam ovens are growing in popularity. A contender to replace the conventional microwave, the steam oven offers not only a way to cook food quickly and with ease, it is also a healthier method of cooking. So, new equipment for a new kitchen design is a must.


In order to do the previous 2 factors mentioned, you need to calculate your budget. It has been proven that a new kitchen can increase the value of your house by between 5-7 percent so you need to work out what price bracket your house falls into to figure out how much you should spend on your kitchen. Once you have a budget, stick to it.

So with these helpful tips to help you along with your kitchen renovation decisions, it is a good idea to browse different professional kitchen fitters and discuss your ideas and budget with them and also to find out which one offers the best quote for the installation.

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