Your Household Dust May Be Filled With These Hazardous Chemicals

Household Dust on TableA series of new studies, published in the research journal Environmental Science and Technology, has revealed some very disturbing details. The average American household has been found to contain some 10 different varieties of dangerous chemicals in very high proportions.

These are chemicals that have been proven to lead to extremely serious health hazards, including the development of several highly dangerous and fatal types of cancer.

10 Toxic Chemicals Have Been Found In Household Dust

These 10 toxic chemicals have been found in numerous samples of household dust. These chemicals are introduced into American houses on a daily basis, thanks to an ever growing number of common products that are used by the average home owner. These chemicals are found in children’s toys, cosmetic products, cooking implements, cleaning products, and even furniture. These are all items that are hardly possible for the average American family to dispense with. The fact that they contain these hazardous chemicals is a particularly troubling phenomenon that has so far resisted an easy solution.

What Are The Hazardous Chemicals That Are Found In The Average Home?

The 10 hazardous chemicals that are commonly found in the average American household break down into the category of phthalates. This is a group that includes, among others, the highly toxic chemical compounds DEP, DEHP, DNBP and DIBP. As noted above, it is all but impossible to escape the presence of these deadly chemicals, thanks to their inclusion in a worryingly wide variety of common household items.

Health researchers have connected this class of toxic chemicals to a large number of disorders. Continued exposure to phthalates may lead to a prolonged interruption of the endocrine system. This disruption of a vital bodily system could lead to a wide number of extremely adverse effects. These could include to severe respiratory issues and even a possible decrease in IQ. Even more troubling, these are only a few of the many prolonged or permanent health issues that may be connected with the absorption of phthalates.

Highly Flourinated Chemicals Have Also Been Found In Household Dust

Highly fluorinated chemicals, also known in the industry as HFC’s, have also been found in extremely high proportions in the average American household. Such chemicals can quickly find their way into the composition of dust particles that can spread throughout the home without being detected. HFC’s have been shown to be part of incredibly common items, from cell phones to disposable pizza boxes. These toxic chemical compounds are known to be among the leading causes of several deadly forms of cancer, including kidney and testicular.

An Overhaul To The Toxic Substances Control Act May Not Be Sufficient

It is important to note that the presence of these highly dangerous chemicals in the average American household has not gone completely unnoticed. The Toxic Substances Control Act, which attempts to regulate the presence of such chemicals in a domestic environment, has been found somewhat inadequate to deal with these recent revelations. As a result, the framers of the act have been pressing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to enact more legislation that gives them the authority to pre-test and then sign off on new chemicals before they reach the open market.

According to results reached by the non-profit Environmental Working Group, there are over 1,000 chemicals that require further research and certification. However, the EPA and other government agencies are sorely pressed for time, as well as funds. As a result, the progress of further legislation will be determined largely by the volume of public outcry on the matter. This is an issue that definitely bears further investigation

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