Spelling And Grammar Mistakes To Avoid

Spelling And Grammar mistakesThe English language is an internationally acclaimed dialect that has brought more than just civilization to those that have embraced it. To some, it is a first language while others are introduced to it much later on in life.

It is the language of instruction in most schools around the world and the official language of communication in most countries. Easy as it may sound, there are multiple rules and guidelines to be followed when speaking or writing the English language.

Basic rules to be followed.

· When put in writing, the rule of general punctuation must be upheld. Think of it this way, when talking, you have to pause and catch your breath. When written, you need to use either a coma (,) or full stop (.).

· The rule of proper spelling also has to be in check. This is where friction and collision come to play. One way to avoid spelling errors is by holding spelling bee sessions either in the classroom or at home beginning from the simpler words to the much more complex words.

· Listening is another rule that most people find difficult to apply and follow. This one is mostly for the transcribers and journalists, but we also come across it at some crucial point in our lives so we need to acquaint ourselves with this art.

· W e need to be well versed with the tenses so as to form a sensible sentence structure. Time has so much to do with tenses because they are formed according to the time frame of a certain occurrence or event.

Those are just to mention but a few. Let us now look at how to uphold the basic rules of the English language.

How to follow the basic rules.

· Have a mentor close to you. Identify someone who is above you in the knowledge of the English language and then develop a warm and conducive learning atmosphere for you to make some progress and improvements.

· Join an English club at your school or college and be actively involved in every step made. You will be surprised at how fast you’ll rise to a higher level.

· Watch an educative play at a theater near you and pay close attention to the kind of language used. This mostly works when you watch the stage plays by legendary maestros of long ago such as William Shakespeare.

· Discipline yourself in the use of proper and acceptable language regardless of where you are located or the kind of company you keep. You will find yourself getting used to it and will finally become a very useful habit.

When all is said and done, we need to identify our essay writing mistakes. There are common problems encountered among most users most of which revolve around spelling and grammar.

Spelling and grammar mistakes to avoid.

· Spellings don’t always much with the pronunciation. For instance, the ‘sh’ in shape is not the same as the one in action.

· The active and passive voice. The rule is that the subject should be the one to carry out the action and definitely not vice-versa. For example,’ my homework was done by me’ is incorrect and should be, ‘I did my homework’.

· In a sentence, the subject and the verb must always be in agreement. For example, ‘each of the winners have received a prize’ is incorrect. When correctly put, it should be, ‘each of the winners has received a prize.

· Finally, the most common rule of all in spelling, the consonant ‘I’ always comes before the vowel ‘e’ except after the consonant ‘c’. Examples, piece, receive.

With all these rules to be followed to the letter, we need to constantly be on the lookout and familiarize ourselves with the correct spelling and pronunciation.

This article was prepared by Edusson writers.