Types Of Workplace Discrimination

Workplace DiscriminationThere are many things an employee can face when they are in the business world. It can range from discrimination to harassment and most employees hesitate in going to an employment lawyer, mostly because they do not know their rights.

As an employee, it is important to know if your coworkers or employer is discriminating against you. There are noticeable signs and categories of workplace discrimination and it is important that you recognize them before it affects you negatively.

There are a few simple things that employers and employees are discriminated against and they include the following.

  • Age

It is not illegal for an employer to favor an older employee over a relatively new one, despite the fact that their age is the same. However, it is illegal when it comes to treating someone unfairly because of their age. The law forbids maltreatment of employees who are forty or older, based on their age. The law forbids age discrimination when it comes to aspects like pay, hiring, firing, assignments, promotions, layoffs, training, benefits and contracts, so it is important that you know when it is happening to you.

  • Race

Race discrimination occurs when one employee is treated unfairly because of the color of his or her skin. Harassment is an extreme form of discrimination and can escalate to racial slurs, racially offensive symbols, derogatory remarks about a person’s skin tone and their features. The law doesn’t forbid light teasing but when it hurts the person involved, it is wise for you to either stop this or consult an employment lawyer.

  • Pregnancy

It is an unfortunate fact that pregnant women and those women who have conditions relating to pregnancy, are treated unfairly. If a woman is unable to perform her work properly because of her pregnancy, then it is the job of the employer to treat her the same way as those who are temporarily disabled. This means that the work load should be lighter and that she gets a leave when she asks for it. If this is not done and her workload is becoming a burden, then it is wise for an employment lawyer to be contacted.

  • Religion

It is important for you to know when you are being harassed or discriminated against because of the religion you practice. Discrimination means that someone else, possibly less qualified than you, is getting more benefits just because their religion is ‘accepted’ in the work place. This is the time when you should consult your lawyer and get legal help so that your rights in the office are not stomped on.

It is very important for you to recognize discrimination in the workplace and put an end to it. Whether it is someone you know, or yourself, who is suffering from it, consulting a good reputed legal agency will guarantee that you get the legal help you need to get your rights. Retaliation is not always the key when it comes to dealing with workplace harassment or discrimination, so ask your lawyer hot best to proceed before trying anything.

Abigail Carson, a law professor, has studied cases of many people suffering from workplace harassment and discrimination. She often refers to DJP Solicitors to better understand how to go about cases concerning workplace harassment.