Which Grass Is Right For You?

green wet grassThere’s so much to plant in your yard that sometimes, you miss the little things – even when those are the things that matter most in your yard! What with flowers, fruit trees, bushes, fertilizer, rock placement… there’s just so much to tend to that you can easily forget that the stuff that holds it all together, the stuff that everyone sees, the stuff you walk on and lay on and that really allows for all the other plants in your yard to even be there, needs a little TLC too.

We’re talking, of course, about your choice of grass.

There isn’t just one type of grass; there are many types, just as there are many types of each other kind of plant as well. Just as those plants have different conditions under which they die or flourish, grass needs to be planted in just the right environment and climate and conditions in order for it to truly flourish and help your yard look beautiful.

Here are just a few of the things you should consider when thinking about what kind of grass is right for you and your yard:

1. Maintenance

Just how much work are you really willing to do to keep your grass looking great? While many species of grass require little care beyond the water the rains bring and the trimming of an occasional lawnmower, others require quite a bit of maintenance indeed, unless you’re comfortable with a brown and dying yard. Just how much time are you willing to put into your grass?

2. Climate

Even if you’re willing to put all the time in the world into your grass, if the climate just isn’t right, then your grass will fail. Find out what kind of temperature the grass you are considering prefers; if your grass’s climate preferences and your home’s climate are radically different, you will want to settle on something different.

3. Temperature

Temperature, or rather your grass’s ability to tolerate temperature, is somewhat separate from climate conditions, though not entirely. Various different grasses perform differently based on the average temperature range throughout the growing season. Look to that number in your area to determine what grasses are appropriate for you.

4. Drought and Wear Resistance

You also want your grass to be hearty enough to stand up to the various stresses your region will put on it. If your region is prone to drought, then you should consider those grasses that are better at handling drought by going into a dormant state during such conditions. Similarly, wear resistance is a measure of how well a species of grass can recover from traffic; if you expect to be doing a lot of walking (or otherwise) over your grass, then you should invest in grass that handles that well.

5. Shade

Shade is something else to consider. Will your grass be seeing a lot of sunlight, or is it rather cloudy in your area? Or is there enough in the way of trees and bushes that you don’t expect what sunlight there is to see much of your grass? If so, then you will want to invest in grass that needs only a little bit of sunlight to survive. Yes – your grass needs sunlight too, just like any other plant! Fortunately, it isn’t hard to find the right grass that meets all the perfect conditions for your region, climate, yard, and lifestyle!

+Ken Uhrich enjoys a beautiful lawn and garden. He regularly blogs and gives home improvement tips on the Custom Home Group website.