Use Teak Dining Chairs for a Retro Feel in Your Dining Area

Amazing Teak Dining ChairsRetro pattern is in full swing from TV shows like Mad Men to retro-roused looks on the style runways. It’s actually simpler than you think to add a retro tough to your current home. Even the most current stylistic theme can benefit from a little measurement from the past. The key is to do it in little touches so the retro feeling does not surpass your whole home style.

“Retro” can mean numerous things, but it basically means enlivening pieces from the past or helping you to recall a certain time or event.

In modern home styling, teak furniture are a trend. Anyone who does researching before purchasing new furniture – especially for dining chairs – might come across fliers for teak furniture in the process. One of the few things that might pop in potential buyers’ mind is that fact that teak furniture are usually the more costly ones. Why is that? This is due to the fact that teak wood is both durable and elegant, making it valuable. Beyond its stunning beauty, it also retains some natural properties that other woods do not have.

Teak dining chairs are very popular among people as they can be placed in any area you can imagine; be it the dining room, living room or even in hotels and gardens. Not only these chairs provide a sense of coziness, it also enhances the style and uniqueness to the rooms. Additionally, teak chairs are highly durable as they are not easily damaged by water, weather or insects.

Teak has been a favoured hardwood material for such a long time. Some of the advantages in using this kind of wood as retro dining chairs include:

1. Very Sturdy

It is a hardwood taken from wide-leaved deciduous plants. Teak is also very robust as compared to other hardwood tree species and softwoods such as Pine.

2. Artistic look

It has a very gorgeous looking straight grain design together with a rich golden-brown color. In addition the wood is also nice to touch, when compared with the current engineered wood alternatives such as MDF, Particle Boards and even plywood.

3. Resistance from insects and termites

What repels termites, fungus stains, and other insects from teak wood is that it has its natural oil content. Anyone who has the experience of white ants crawling on the partitions in their house will be happy with this advantage. The wood’s excellence in turn augments the lifetime of the wood, and is the main reason why it is far superior as compared to other hard and softwood classes.

4. Resists decay and rot

It has a very high compactness, and will not decay and rot simply. This is the main reason why the wood is so tough. It has a normal resistance from a number of acidic and alkaline substances. Therefore it doesn’t get strained and spoiled easily.

5. Resists moisture

Resistance to water and other moisture is an added significant benefit of it. Other than the beauty it displays Teak is the much preferred hardwood used in the building of ships, specifically for the wooden floor boards. For the same reason, it is also perfect for indoor furniture and quality fixtures in home gardens.