A Checklist To Hire An Employee

best employee cartoonFinding the best employee for the job is one of the larger hassles that every employer has to face. Finding someone who fits the job description and will be able to perform to the employer’s wishes, is difficult, but by working hard, an employer can match the perfect job to the perfect person.

Keeping the best people, once you find them, is easy, though a little intimidating at first. There are a few things a potential employer can do to make sure that they hire the best.

Select the Best

Often, when companies hire people who answer ads in the newspaper or from ‘Wanted’ ads online, it means they do not have the best that the field has to offer. Those who are the best, are probably already working for other companies and to make sure that an employer gets the best, he or she should know how to go about it.

Investing time in starting relationships with university placement offices, recruitment offices and firms dedicated to finding the best employees. This will enlarge the candidate pool and give the employer a wider range of applicants for the job. Enabling the exiting employees to go and make connections with people interested in the same job will also bring more business to the company. Keeping an eye on online job boards is always a good idea since it will give the employer an idea of who is out there, and whether or not they are good enough for the job.

The key is to make a candidate pool even before a company needs to hire someone.

Hire the Perfect Person

An employer has to hire someone who fits the job description perfectly. They should hire someone who is fitting to the job, have the exact requirements needed and has experience in the field. Getting and training a new employee will only consume time, so hiring someone who is already qualified for the job is best.

Look at the Company Itself

Rather than hiring someone who is new to the company, an employer should look at people who already work for the company. Promoting already existing employees will boost the morale of an employee and will be more economical and better for the company. Give new employees an interview, but if someone from the existing offices wishes to take the job, then considering them first will make it easier for the boss and encourage the employees as well.

Involve Employees in the Hiring

Nothing creates a bond with a boss and employee more than letting existing employees help in the hiring process. This helps in boosting their confidence, their work and their sense of belonging in the office. Asking them for advice, who to hire and what they think about the potential employee will end up paying off. Those who do the work will know better if a candidate will fit into the job requirement or not.

Once the hiring process is over, ensure that the time and energy you invest in each new hire is worth it and you are able to retain them all.

Fergus Irving works at a prestigious company in the HR department. He works on the employee to employee relationship and the employer to employee relationship. He gives the do’s and don’ts of a professional relationship and often writes article on it. For further information, visit http://www.xpressrecruitment.com/.