3 Tips For A Healthy Roof On Your Home

Super Healthy RoofBeing a homeowner is liberating in a variety of ways. You are the king (or queen!) of your castle, and that means nobody can tell you what you should or shouldn’t do to care for your home if you don’t want to listen. You can make changes big or small and your word is the last word on that matter. That kind of freedom is something you simply can’t find at an apartment or on other properties that you do not, in the end, own.

Your Topmost Guardian

Yet owning a home comes with many, many responsibilities, which means having to put either quite a bit of money or quite a bit of effort into caring for and maintaining your home. Simple wear and tear is a natural consequence of your home being in the world, and that can range from problems with the foundations to issues with the walls, the insulation, and the piping, to complications with your roof. Perhaps the most problematic issue, in fact, is the roof; the roof, after all, fulfills the primary function of your home, which is to protect you from the elements.

After all, it’s the rain, sun, and snow that falls from the sky and makes you cold/hot/wet/uncomfortable, and the roof is bearing the brunt of all of that. If your roof isn’t up to the task, then you may find yourself experiencing quite a bit more of the elements than you ever intended! To that end, the care and upkeep of your roof is critical.

Here are some tips to help you keep your roof in working order and the inside of your home warm or cool (depending on the season), dry, and comfortable:

1.     Be Vigilant

You can’t know if your roof needs work if you don’t regularly inspect it. You should make a point of checking in on your roof every year, inspecting it for cracks, curling edges (especially in the case of asphalt shingles and wood shakes), and dips that could indicate leaks. These kinds of problems can cause real damage, but they are also easy to fix if you catch them early enough. By scheduling an annual inspection – and sticking to that schedule – you can save yourself considerable time, money, and frustration.

2.     Watch for the Trees

Trees that hang over your roof can do considerable harm depending on your climate. In a wet climate, a tree can make it difficult for the moisture that gathers on your roof to dry, which in turn increases the damage being done to that section of the roof. Consequently, in a hot or sunny climate, a lack of trees providing shade can also increase the amount of wear and tear your roof goes through.

3.     Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Clean your gutters! Clogged gutters can cause a whole host of problems, including doing damage to your basement and your siding, while also impacting your roof’s conrdition as well. Moss should also be eliminated, while heavy amounts of snow should be removed between storms. In general, clean your roof as much as is reasonable!

With these three simple tips, you can save your roof from considerable wear and tear!

+Ken Uhrich likes houses. In fact he lives in one. He gives home building and home improvement tips on the Custom Home Group website.