Is No-Tech Parenting Possible In A Digital World?

These days with technology all around us, it can seem like everyone is using it in many aspects of their daily lives. But just as prevalent as the reports of new device releases is the news that some parents have chosen to raise their children without the technology that has seemed to so enthrall the world.

kids with tablets

But how can technology possibly be bad for children, or for anyone? After all, technology is what allows us to get more done than we ever have before. From an educational standpoint, our children are able to learn more than ever before about the world around them, thanks to technology and its use in the classroom.

The fact of the matter is that there are an increasing number of parents who are choosing not to introduce technology to their children. And at least one school of thought is providing several reasons for doing so.

Technology’s Measured Effects on Children

It has been documented time and again that toddlers learn about the world around them by making physical contact with the objects in it. As well, verbal communication with humans is crucial to proper speech development in children. Technology doesn’t require physical contact in order for a toddler to experience the world.

Socially, it has been shown that technology is actually changing the way that humans interact as a whole. Children who are exposed to technology at an early age learn how to communicate electronically with others. The skills required to communicate using technology are a different type than those skills used during real-time communication.

As well, much has been written about how much control technology gives us over what we see. For example, we can control the kind of news we view or read about. If one type of news is all we see, this can skew our view of the world. For a child, this can be an activity that can have many negative repercussions in the future.

The Overwhelmed Parent

Many parents express that they are overwhelmed by the amount of technology available for their children. And many question whether they have any control over whether or not their children use technology, and how much. The answer is: absolutely. There may very well be a vast amount of technology marketed for and available to children, but the decision about which and how much technology to expose them to remains the decision of the parent.

But some parents may wonder if they are helping or hurting their children by limiting their exposure to technology or disallowing it altogether.

The Advantages of Non-Tech For Children

Those in favor of limiting technology exposure say that their children are less limited as far as cognitive input is concerned. Additionally, this camp feels that ingenuity and creativity are able to flow more freely without the constant distractions of technology.

This school of thought looks to teach children that technology, like many other things in life, holds more value when earned. As well, value is also placed on using critical thinking versus computers when there is a problem to be solved. For those currently feeling overwhelmed by technology, non-tech methods of completing many tasks are still as available as they were prior to tech takeover.

To Tech, Or Not To Tech?

There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of evidence to suggest that keeping kids from technology will do them harm. However, there are several benefits to having access to technology, especially when this generation become adults who must make their own way in the world. Perhaps the understanding of the benefits of both will come with the knowledge that there are some real-life experiences that technology cannot duplicate, and vice-versa.

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