PC Vs Mac: Which Works Best?

In this day and age, computers have become a necessity, and both Apple and Windows provide first-class computing equipment. They have been at each other’s throats trying to prove themselves forever, and the competition is often higher among the users than the companies themselves. Fans of both parties have been waged in a religious war between themselves, fighting over features, specs and software.

PC Vs Mac - Best Laptop

Both Mac and PC don’t come cheap, and both of them have pros and cons, so before blindly buy any of them, let’s first learn a little.



  • Excellent design, highly stylish and incredibly attractive. Apple prides itself on the aesthetics of its products, and Mac is no different — they have impeccable designs and look very classy.
  • Macs get a virus once in a blue moon, making them very safe and secure. OSX is the most secure and well-rounded operating system, making it much less virus-prone.
  • It’s simple and easy-to-use. People love OSX because it is a very functional, smooth operating system with few complications.
  • Although this wasn’t always the case, Macs are now compatible with a lot of software and work seamlessly with other apple devices.
  • They have excellent after-sales service, offering great customer support and impressive warranty programs. Other than that, if you have any issues with a Mac, you can take it to any Apple Store and they will fix it right away.


  • Compared to other computers, they are very expensive. It’s a fact that Apple products are not cheap, and will cost you a decent sum of money.
  • There’s no room for an upgrade. Other than RAM or hard drive replacements, the Mac designs offer no room for upgrading the components. However, this is rarely needed as they ship with excellent hardware.



  • Firstly, PCs are very cheap, especially in comparison to Macs. However, you’re often paying for exactly what you get.
  • They are very customisable. With many hardware options to choose from, you can make the machine look exactly how you want.
  • Being the more dominant system for many years, Windows often has more software available and ready to install.
  • It’s a well-known fact that PCs are superior when it comes to gaming. Most games are built for PCs, and with extensive hardware options available — you can create an incredible experience.
  • Because Windows is a more flexible operating system, it can be easier to fix problems yourself. And if not, the huge community will often be ready to help out!


  • Although the huge choice of software is nice, you are more likely to experience crashes. And although the situation is better nowadays, it can be very frustrating.
  • Fixing problems by yourself may be nice, but this leads to a lot of maintenance. Needing regular maintenance, PCs aren’t always your smooth-running friend.

The Bottom Line

Neither system is perfect, and although Mac is very stylish and doesn’t require much maintenance, it is very expensive and you won’t be able to customise your own look. On the other hand, PCs are highly customisable, have a huge variety and are comparatively cheap. However, they are prone to viruses and need constant maintenance. All in all, both of them are great pieces of technology — it’s up to your personal preference.

Alex Viall is the Director for Soho based IT support company- Mustard IT. Alex believes that both the Mac and the PC have a variety of benefits and depending of which industry that a business is in, will determine which is best.