Must Have iPad Ergonomic Accessories

The advent of personal computers is considered as one of the greatest technology innovations to this day. These gadgets opened opportunities to perform a wide range of tasks in a much more efficient manner. It was not long before PCs found their way into offices, retail stores and other business establishments.

With extensive use, it became necessary to make desktops more comfortable to use during long sessions behind a computer screen. Manufacturers began to create hardware accessories with ergonomic designs to address this need. However, technology has changed so much over the years and now we are seeing ergonomics become more important for handheld devices.

iPad Ergonomic AccessoryTablets are currently gaining so much usage. The iPad for instance has an estimated market share of more than 50 million users globally. As technology gets cheaper and more players join the market, these gadgets continue to become more affordable. The numbers will therefore keep rising, which is why manufacturers are now addressing the issue of ergonomics for tablet users.

A large majority of iPad consumers tend to maintain terrible ergonomic practices. For instance, most people lay tablets flat on a table given the weight and expense of these devices. Other users place tablets on the lap, as it can be tiring to hold them up for long periods.

Aside from maintaining these wrong postures, many iPad users have long sessions tapping on these devices. The reason for this is that tablets are simply so functional. From watching movies and playing games, to reading books and running business applications, they can do so much. But, when using these gadgets for so long while maintaining the wrong posture, this places undue strain on certain parts of the body.

Recent studies have shown that most tablet users complain of back and neck strains. Of course, this happens when using a tablet while maintaining poor posture. Fortunately, there are accessories that can help you to avoid the major damage that these devices can cause on your body. Below are the top 2 iPad ergonomic accessories that are good for both personal and business use.

iPad Case

When you mention an iPad case, most people would quickly pass it off as a protective accessory.  But, this add-on can also help tablet users to maintain better posture.

Most cases double up as a stand and thus help you to mount your iPad into a better ergonomic position on a table or desk. If you tend to type a lot, go for cases with an integrated keyboard. This keeps the arms at a lower position, thus reducing the strain of tapping on the iPad for extended periods.

iPad Stand

As the name suggest, an iPad stand allows you to mount your tablet at a more comfortable viewing angle. This is an excellent accessory for those who use iPads for extended periods such as cash attendants at an electronic point of sale terminal. In fact, most retail and hospitality businesses that use iPad point of sale systems to process transactions cannot do without a stand. The tablet stand raises the iPad to eye level, thus leaving the hands free to do other things such as scanning items with a bar code reader, typing, using the mouse or tapping the touch screen to access various menus.

Ergonomic accessories for iPads vary in design and features. Some models have a wider rotation angle, while other versions such as extension arms and cradles can mount your iPad next to a monitor.  With these options, there is no need to strain while using an iPad or any other tablet. Keep in mind that ergonomic accessories can increase productivity amongst employees and prevent repetitive strain injuries.

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