Tips For Effective Lawn Mowing

lovely green lawnMany people who are accustomed to traditional lawn mowing i.e. mow when the grass is long and have no idea of the right technique that needs to be used. Also, many people never even know that they are making a mistake and wonder why their lawn does not look good despite all the love and care they are giving it. Exactly when and how you mow your grass mainly depends on the type of grass you have, the present season, the amount of fertilizer and water that you give the plants.

For instance, there are some cool season grasses which need to be mowed in the fall or spring, yet warm season grasses will have to be mown in the summer. In addition, you may also consider mowing your lawn twice a week or during the peak growing season and just twice a month during a slow growing month.

Determine the right mow time by height and not the calendar

The decision to mow the lawn should not be based on your calendar schedule but rather the height of your grass, since the height is much easier to pay attention to. To start off with you will want to find the right mowing height or the optimum height for the grass you have.

If this is something that you do not know then search for this information online, you will be surprised as to how easy it is to find out. Then as soon as you see your lawn becoming green in spring allow for it to grow a third taller than the optimum height you’ve found out, then only cut it by one third so that it returns to is optimum height. You should continue mowing at this very height until its fall because this is when the growth begins to slow down.

Change your mowing pattern often

You should try not to mow your lawn in the very same direction every time. You need to change the pattern every two or three times you have mowed. The reason being that mowing in the same direction all the time will end up compacting the soil underneath it which results in ruts. Then the other reason is that if you continue mowing in one direction that will be the direction in which your grass grows. So, you will end up with crooked looking grass. By mowing from different directions every time you will allow the grass to grow upright which prevents ruts from developing in the soil?

Do not cut the grass if it’s wet

You should try to avoid cutting the grass when you have just watered it or if it has just rained. The reason being that if you cut the grass when it is wet the cutting or clipping as it is called will be uneven. Then you will have problems with your mower because the clipping will clog it and there is a danger that it will mat the grass which blocks out much needed light.

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Lawn mowing on uneven surfaces

If you are on ground which is uneven then you should avoid scalping those high spots by trying to either raise the deck on the mower or you can regarded the area. Plus if you have to mow on the slope it should be done in a diagonal pattern because it’s safer that way.

Try some overlap with the mower

When most people are lawn mowing in a hurry they tend to skimp on coverage. But when you mow you need to make sure to overlap every pass by around 3 inches. This will ensure that your lawn is evenly mowed without any stripes.

Your mower blades need to be sharp

Make sure to check your mower blades on the first of each season to ensure that they are sharp. If they are not sharp they will not slice through grass cleanly but rather rip through. This will create what is known as an injury which will attract pests and diseases.

If the lawn has sharp corners

When you first pass through make sure to round off the corners which leaves them un-mown. Perth based Andrew Stambulich advises that once you have finished mowing, return to mow the corners. This way you will not need to deal with them at once and not with every pass around the area.


Mark is one of the leading authorities on lawn mowing and growing grass. He has over twenty years of experience as a botanist and has worked for various government organizations over the years. In addition to writing extensively about regular DIY lawn related tasks he also has a number of videos and offers his services in Perth.