Tips For Getting Cash For Cars Taking Up Space In Your Driveways

cars in a drivewayThe numbers of cars on our roads have been rapidly multiplying since the late 1990s. Today, despite improved public transport the average household in the developed world has two or more vehicles. However, when these cars start breaking down too often and hence become expensive to maintain people will buy newer models and their old cars will eventually be left forgotten in their driveways.

These old cars end up becoming a waste of space and a liability for their owners who at times may find it very difficult to get rid of these vehicles. Fortunately, depending on the condition of the unused and old vehicle a number of things can be done to make some money from these vehicles yet at the same time get rid of them from their driveway.

Tip no. 1: Scrap cars can be sold for their metal value

Most people may not know this but the scrap value of their vehicles may be considerable. Consider the fact that 80% of a vehicle on average is made from metal and metal is expensive nowadays, plus recycling plants will recycle this metal for other products like cans, and even new cars. So, how do you sell your car off for its metal value? Well the first thing to consider prior to going for the scrap option is to understand that by scrap we mean a car which cannot run at all, it’s just a husk with everything inside in extremely bad shape.

Once you have assured yourself that this is the case find nearby metal recycling plants and give them a call. Find out what they pay for scrap metal and then arrange to get your car hauled over to their lot and sell it to them. You can expect to make a few hundred dollars pretty easily, even after you’ve paid to tow the vehicle.

Tip no. 2: Call up your local scrap yard

Another way to get cash for cars laying around in your drive way is to call up the local scrap yard. There are many scrapyards that accept and recycle cars but not all of them do it. Plus some may even charge you to dump your car there. The easiest way around this is to call up all the nearby scrap yards to find out what they pay for old and often rusty vehicles on average. Only take it there if they are willing to pay you, but keep in mind that cars that are completely rusted from the inside out may not fetch you much because there isn’t much recyclable metal left.

parking cars

Tip no. 3: sell your car to a secondhand dealer

If your car still runs but you rarely drive it, it’s possible for you to fetch a good price for it without taking the route of calling the local scrap yard. Many ten year old or older models are often purchased by car dealers who then sell it for a slightly higher price to low income people who are looking for cheap vehicles. Call up a few second hand car dealers and find out what they are willing to pay for your vehicle. Usually it’s not hard getting cash for cars that still run well regardless of how old they may be.

Tip no. 4: Sell the internals prior to dispatching the husk

There are many car owners who assume that their vehicles are worth nothing because they are old. However, if the engine is still in good condition, the fuel pump works great, and the seats among other things are in great condition you may be able to sell these items to second hand parts dealers. There are numerous second hand car dealers who will be glad to pay you a visit and inspect the car prior to deciding what parts they want. This can be a great way to get some cash for your car prior to discarding the husk as scrap.

Tip no. 5: All in one services

There are many services that will just pay you a visit and offer you a price, if you agree they will take the car away. Services like All Unwanted Cars can be called and they will offer the best price for your vehicle.


Mark is one of the leading scrap dealers in Australia. He has spent a lot of his years in the vehicle scrap market and has travelled internationally. Today, he is not just one of the leading experts on scrap and old cars but also writes extensively about it. He strongly advises that people try and make money from their old cars using various cash for cars ideas.