10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Radiation Of Tablets, Laptops And Cell Phones

mobile radiationWe constantly hear about EMF radiation from laptops, tablets and cell phones and their harmful effects. ‘EMF radiation,’ denotes the low frequency electric and magnetic fields of current, emitted by gadgets like laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Exposure to these electric and magnetic fields or EMFs are said to have a negative impact on us. But is that enough for us to take heed?  For most of us, the answer is “No!”

The Dilemma Caused by Laptop, Cell Phone and Tablet Radiation Theories

“People say that laptop radiation causes infertility, skin burns, cell and DNA damage, tiredness, dizziness, headaches, breathlessness, sleeplessness and sometimes, unproven as they may be, even cancers!” says Benjamin, a technology wizard. “But, just because of these unproven theories, should we stop keeping pace with technology?” he asks. “I mean, radiation emitted by a mobile phone, a laptop, a microwave oven to even an x-ray machine…apparently, puts us all at health risks. So, should we go back to the dark ages and stop using gadgets altogether? Gadgets, that makes our life easier and much more convenient?” Benjamin argues.

Health Conditions Attributed to EMF Radiation

However, before you start thinking like Benjamin, know this: Laptop radiation is harmful to human health and this is not completely a misconception! A growing number of health cases have been reported, that point an accusing finger at laptop radiation.  The risks associated with EMFs emitted from laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other similar gadgets, are way too serious to ignore!

According to a report on EMFs on the WHO website-‘Some members of the public have attributed a diffuse collection of symptoms to low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields…’ Though not scientifically proven, these have ranged from headaches, anxiety, depression, lethargy, sleeping disorders, convulsions, epileptic seizures, suicidal tendencies, nausea, fatigue, infertility, premature births, low birth weights, eye irritation, cataracts, childhood leukemia and other kinds of cancers.

Absence of Conclusive Scientific Evidence of the Adverse Impact of EMF Radiation

It is true, that there is hardly any scientific or conclusive evidence, to prove that laptop radiation has an adverse impact on health. A study launched by the ‘World Health Organization’ in 1996, on the health impact of EMFs, remained inconclusive as well. However, ignoring the unproven health hazards of EMFs may not be such a worthwhile risk to take in the long run.

And, while this does not mean that you should stop using your laptop and other gadgets, considering how convenient these make life, both in the workplace and at home; there is a need to tread with caution. While pursuing your tech savvy ways, you can use some simple and easy methods to protect yourself from laptop radiation.  Want to find out what they are, read on…

10 Top Ways to Protect Yourself from Gadget Radiation

1. Do not place the laptop/tablet on your lap, while working on it, or while it is plugged into an electrical source. Instead, place it on a table or desk and maintain a good distance from it, to minimize exposure to harmful EMFs. Also, do not keep your mobile phone on your person or pocket. Instead either carry it in your bag or purse.

2. Use EMF meters to assess how much radiation you are being exposed to and what distance you need to maintain between yourself and your laptop, tablet and mobile or even WiFi router.

3. It is better to use cable wires to connect to an internet source, than using WiFi for the purpose.

4. Use screen radiation shields or opt for Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens, when replacing your laptop monitor. LCD screens are known to emit much lesser radiation than older computer monitors.

5. Laptop radiation shields can drastically reduce your exposure to EMFs. These often also serve as cooling pads that prevent your laptop from getting overly heated and burning your skin.

6. Reducing the duration of laptop usage or taking frequent breaks in between your sessions of working on your laptop, helps cut down on your exposure to EMFs as well.

7. Laptops in battery mode emit lower levels of EMFs than, when they are powered on.

8. Switching off your laptop and WiFi after you finish your work, instead of letting the gadget go into sleep mode, also decreases radiation.

9. Plugging in your laptop to a secondary keyboard and mouse is also a step in this direction.

10. Keeping your laptop, mouse, wires, power cord and transformer, free of dust and dirt and as far away from your legs and the area where you sit as possible, is another way to protect yourself from damaging EMFs.

This article was written by Walter. J. Raishessie, a specialist writer on technology, who believes that laptop radiation can have devastating consequences on your health.