Tips To Saving Money On Custom Shirts

If you’re looking to start a custom shirt company, add shirt designs to your merchandise line, or want to find the most cost-effective way to enjoy a good ole’ fashion custom shirt then look no further.

There are a few factors that affect custom printing prices and many of them are controllable with a little understanding of what you absolutely need, along with a few other opportunity costs. If you’re willing to sacrifice a little, your money could go a long way.

How to Make Your Custom Shirts More Cost-Effective

First and foremost, you want to find a custom shirt company that provides cheap prices for their services, but also has decent delivery times, printing quality, and customer service. Companies like,, and are some of the best in the business at cost-effective approaches to custom shirt designs with all of the necessary qualities.

After you have chosen the company you want to purchase your custom design shirts from, look into what kind of shipping costs they have, as well as your necessary order requirements. Most of the custom shirt companies offer a discount or even free shipping if you purchase in bulk, rather than just shipping one shirt. Purchasing in bulk will always save you money long-term.

In addition, analyze exactly what you need in order to be satisfied with your custom shirts. For example, if you’re looking for a custom shirt with your name on it, don’t get too fancy with the colors or printing areas on the shirts. These are some of the guidelines:

White Shirts Are Less Expensive – Obviously this seems pretty intuitive but many people forget that making colored shirts cost money. Large commercial retailers charge a flat rate for all shirt colors, but most of those shirts cost more to make than others – they are simply obtaining a lower profit margin per shirt rather than making the customer incur the costs. With custom shirts, the pricing is on-demand, which means that you are paying for what you get. A white shirt will actually be cheaper to purchase, print on, and supply than colored shirts.

Print With Caution – Multiple prints on a custom shirt cost money because of ink and time. More than ink, time and process are more complex with multiple design products because the manufacturer must turn the shirt over and re-do the entire printing process in order to obtain a perfect design.

Keep the Color Scheme Simple – If your company logo or desired design has a rainbow running through it, you may want to reconsider the design. The more intricate the patterns the more you will pay for implementation. Solid colors and consistent color schemes will save you the most money and could still provide you with an amazing looking custom shirt.

Buy the Cheap Shirt – If you’re looking to print designs on a better quality shirt or collared shirt, expect to pay more. When you’re on a budget sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and purchase a custom cotton white t-shirt. provides cheap white cotton shirts and a 50 cent discount for allowing them to put their logo on the shirt upon printing. Companies like and also offer great saving incentives.

Simplicity equals cost-savings in the custom shirt business. In addition, simplicity is sometimes the most effective route to take when building a brand or making a statement. Saving money could actually help you in the long-run.

Josh McCarthy is from Orlando, Florida. He is a finance major at the University of Central Florida and enjoys trading stock options. He enjoys all athletics and is trying to make money for an engagement ring. He currently writes content for DG Promotions Inc.