5 Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing Wallmount Cabinets For Network Servers

As a business expands and grows it’s important to know that its computing needs will also have to grow. Networks become bigger with larger capacity databases and servers to accommodate more office staff working on their computers and virtual desktops. Yet your IT technician and system administrator will often need a place to store all the physical hardware and equipment for your network servers.

Wall Mount Rack - 15U with Front DoorA wallmount cabinet is a type of server rack used to store all the equipment to create a network server system. It can hold the servers, routers, switches, firewalls, patch panels, hubs, monitors, keyboards and several other pieces of equipment. When you are trying to decide what type of wallmount cabinet to get, make sure you keep these 5 important factors in mind.

1: Determining The Type Of Equipment To Be Placed Inside

This is the most paramount factor when selecting a wallmount cabinet. By knowing the type of equipment to be placed inside, you’ll have a better idea concerning the dimensions of the interior of the cabinet. You will also be able to figure out the number of wallmount cabinets you’ll currently need, as well as the number of server racks that will be required in the future when it is time to expand operations again. Planning ahead for future growth can save you from huge headaches down the road.

2: Figuring Out The Cabinet’s Height

Once you know the type of equipment to be placed inside, you can have a better idea regarding the height of the cabinet. The cabinet’s height is also important if you need to fit in cooling systems such as thermal duct units that will attach to the buildings HVAC system or the CRAC (cooling room air conditioning) system as you will need extra clearance to attach the duct system to the cabinet.

3: Understanding The Cabinet’s Depth

Some pieces of the equipment need extra depth to fit properly on the shelf without sticking out. In addition, the depth of the cabinet can also be affected by doors that must swing in and lock closed. So decide on the depth of the wallmount cabinet based on both the equipment’s length and its closing doors.

4: Be Careful Of The Cabinet’s Weight

Wallmount cabinets can become heavy based on the cabinet itself and the equipment placed inside it. Cabinets will have a weight capacity limit that you should not exceed as you may risk damaging the equipment if the cabinet collapses. Also, ensure the wall that the cabinet will be attached so it can support the weight.

5: Features You May Want For Your Cabinet

There are tons of additional features that can come with the server rack. Some cabinets come with doors, side panel perforations for increased ventilation, swinging cabinets and retractable shelves. So remember to consider all of these factors before purchasing the wallmount cabinet that is perfect for your business and its racking needs. Thinking ahead can save you time and money.

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