Best Ways To Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

stainless steel appliancesThere’s nothing like a shiny, new appliance glimmering in your kitchen. The light reflecting off your brand new stainless steel appliance creates attention for your visitors and makes your kitchen seem newly renovated every time someone steps foot in your house. But like all great things, time has a way of blemishing your image.

Luckily there are many ways to give your stainless steel appliances a face-lift without breaking the bank – providing you amazing quality and shine all the time.

What are these techniques? What are the products that you need to use? I have listed 5 of the best products to use on your stainless steel that follow the same application technique.

The Top Five Products to Use


This product cleans just about anything and is sworn by professionals in the industry as, “The Holy Grail of Cleaners.” Whether you are cleaning your toilet, bathtub, counter-tops, or stainless steel, if you are looking for the best, low-cost alternative to other products Windex is the way to go. Apply the cleaner to your microfiber cloth and rub onto the stainless steel with the grain, which will promote a shiner finished product. Rubbing with the grain will help eliminate streaking and spots occurring from wiping.

Club Soda

Yes, that’s right! This beverage will also work as a cleaner for windows, glass, and stainless steel. Although this makes me uncomfortable with the consumption of club soda as a drink, it does bring forth curiosity about the ingredients that eliminate smudges and dirt from you glass and stainless steel surfaces. Club soda has potassium bicarbonate and potassium sulfate, which can be used as cleaning agents on many household items. Specifically with stainless steel, apply the club soda directly to the surface, then wipe and rinse the surface with warm water. You will be shining in no time.

Olive Oil

Although this is not an initial cleaning agent, olive oil acts as a great “wax” for already cleaned stainless steel devices. After cleaning your stainless steel with Windex or club soda (or some other alternative), apply the olive oil to a cloth and wipe on the already cleaned surface. This product will protect against fingerprints and smudges in the future, providing future protection against human encounters.

Vinegar (White)

By applying this product to the surface of your stainless steel you will be able to extract dirt easily. White vinegar acts as a cleanser in many applications, including your body and skin. Many people have found white vinegar to be an agent in cleaning out the pores of the skin and the intestines, which does actually translate into surface cleaning applications. Stainless steel is one of the best surfaces to clean with white vinegar because the material properties found in stainless steel allow for vinegar to penetrate the surface.

Weiman Products

This company creates some of the best cleaning products on the market, including a line of Eco-friendly products. With a conscious outlook on the environment, Weiman has also created great quality for stainless steel. Apply any Weiman product to your microfiber cloth and watch the chemicals work, providing you with a clean finish unparalleled to other products. If you do not plan on using Windex, vinegar, or club soda I would highly recommend using this company for your stainless steel applications.

This article was written by David Holly. David recently switched all of his home appliances to stainless steel and while he loves the look of them, he hated the maintenance that goes along with them. After much research and trial and error, he finally found the perfect solutions. David is also a professional writer for Dallas Home Appliances. To learn more about David, visit his Google+.

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