The Best Shower Head

Delta In2ition shower headWhen we went looking for a new shower head, we had several features that had to be met. The first feature was that the shower head had to have multiple settings for functions such as massage, gentle stream, and a regular stream. We also wanted a shower head that had a portable wand that allowed us to dictate where the water went.

One of the final considerations was that the new shower head had to be inexpensive. The biggest concern was that we were not going to find one with all of the features we wanted at a price we could afford. That was why we were surprised to find the Delta In2ition shower head.

Durability and Versatility for Reasonable Cost

A good shower head needs to be durable but versatile. Our home is very active, so it was important that we get a shower head that could withstand the persistent use without breaking. The massage ability was key for us because several in our family have bad backs and the massage feature helps to relieve some of the pain.

The Delta In2ition looks like it should cost hundreds of dollars. In reality, there were several models that looked like the In2ition that cost $150 or more. But we were able to purchase the In2ition for under $50.
The first thing we noticed is that the shell is made of plastic and not metal. We actually preferred that because the shower head we had just replaced had rotted from rust and we did not want to go through that again.

The In2ition has a wand seated in a larger shower head, which offers significant versatility. The wand is easy to remove and has a switch with several different settings on it. The settings range from a gentle shower to a focused massage. Despite the low water pressure in our house, we were surprised at the power the In2ition shower head massage feature generated.

The larger shower head that acts as the seat for the wand offers an even and relaxing shower. The switch that allows you to go back and forth between the shower head and the larger seat is easy to access and is made from a sturdy construction. Certain elements of the In2ition are made from metal and others feel as though they are covered with a protective rubber coating. There is no denying that the In2ition is well-made and has the proper kinds of materials in each facet of its construction.


One of the elements that we really enjoyed was how easy it was to install the In2ition. We had never owned a shower head with a seat and a wand before, so none of us knew anything about them. But the installation instructions were so easy to follow that installing it was no problem. The construction of the In2ition also makes it easy to install as there are not complicated parts or processes involved at all.

The most difficult part about installing our In2ition was removing the rotted and rusted old shower head that was in the way. For the price, it is difficult to beat the Delta In2ition. It has all of the features that the more expensive shower heads have and it is built to last, even for a large family like ours.

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