Money Saving Gadgets To Slice Pounds Off Your Household Bills

saving money technologyThese days everyone could do with saving a little money. With the economy still a little vulnerable, many households are finding it increasingly difficult to afford their monthly bills.

According to industry watchdog Ofgem, the average dual fuel (gas and electricity) bill per household is £1,315. So, if your budget is struggling to meet your everyday needs, now may be the time to look into how you can save money on your household bills.

Sometimes help comes in the most unlikely of places. Did you know that there are a number of gadgets out there designed to help cut the cost? Here are some of the top money-saving gadgets that could slice pounds off your household bills:

The automatic radiator bleeder

This useful little gadget is something that many people never knew existed. It’s designed to release any built up air in the radiator, ensuring only hot water is left over.

This keeps your radiators working more efficiently, meaning they will use a lot less fuel. It’s easy to forget to bleed the radiators, so investing in a gadget that does it automatically is definitely worthwhile. What’s more, they only cost between £10 and £20. You can get hold of an automatic radiator bleeder quite easily on sites such as eBay and Amazon, and all instructions regarding use should come with the product.

Maximising natural energy sources with Freeloader

If you own quite a lot of gadgets and they always seem to be charging, the Freeloader could help. Using the sun’s rays to charge itself up, this useful device can charge gaming devices, phones and laptops. It can charge your phone for up to 44 hours, so it really can save you a lot of money on your electricity bills. A Freeloader can be available for as little as £25 from sites such as and

Keep draughts away with the EcoFlap

Draughts can be a huge problem in terms of energy loss. They require you to use the heating more frequently to keep the home warm. Installing gadgets such as the EcoFlap is a great idea. It fits into the letterbox and basically replaces the flaps, brushes or seals that can let air into the home.

Radiator foil

Another useful gadget that you can use on your radiators is a special type of foil. It is designed to be placed behind the radiator and it pushes the heat back into the room. Without it, a lot of heat tends to be absorbed into the walls.

There are so many energy-saving gadgets available and the initial cost is often well worth the long-term savings you could be making. While many people focus on their electricity bills, there are other gadgets designed to help you cut down your water usage as well.

The more energy-saving gadgets you have in your home, the more money you will end up saving in the long term.

Energy monitors

If you invest in just one gadget to save money, let it be this one. Home energy monitors really help you to see which things are using the most power.

These monitors give you a comprehensive breakdown of how much energy you are using. Not only do they show you where you need to make changes, but they also tell you how much you have saved once you’ve made the changes. They really promote more awareness with regards to how much power you are using.

Nikita Oliver is an experienced business management student who blogs about ways to save money in her spare time. She does regular guest posts for Select Student property in her spare time.