How To Choose The Right Air Freight Forwarder

Are you worried whether your shipment is handled properly and arrives on time and in good condition?

Had you chosen a reputable and trustworthy air freight forwarder, you probably wouldn’t be too anxious about it. Remember that air freight forwarders may offer the same services but their quality and level of service can vary. This is why selecting the right shipping partner shouldn’t be taken lightly as it can spell the difference between the efficient and timely delivery of your goods and its demise.

Here, we offer a few tips to help you identify a good air freight forwarder that’s right for your business.

  • Understand your requirements.  Before looking for an air freight forwarder, make sure that you understand your requirements first, as well as the specific services you need. This includes identifying the kind of goods you’re shipping, its quantity and volume, and the desired shipping location. Having these information ready will help freight companies properly evaluate your logistics needs.
  • Pick someone with experience. An amateur freight forwarder will tell you that transporting products or equipment from point A to point B is easy, without giving further explanations or supporting evidence.  An experienced freight forwarder, on the other hand, will tell you what happens throughout the shipping process and will provide you with more than just general knowledge, but expert advice to avoid potential pitfalls. As they say, there’s no substitute for experience.
  • Enquire whether they are able to handle your particular shipment. Aside from their know-how and experience in the air freight industry, you should also enquire if they have the capacity to transport certain commodities. Goods that are hazardous and perishable require special handling and storage, so it’s best to enquire beforehand if the company can handle your particular product.
  • Consider value for money. It would also be wise to request and compare quotations from various air freight forwarders. However, don’t base your decision from cost alone as cheaper freight fees may not necessarily imply cost-savings, or higher fees quality services. Understand what’s included in the quote and be wary of hidden or additional charges.
  • Ask if they have a strong, worldwide network of partners. This is especially important if you are shipping goods internationally or to remote destinations. International shipping is a lot more complex than domestic ones, and it would be wise to choose a service provider who can sort everything out, including customs formalities, and who can keep you updated regarding the status of your shipment.
  • Contact their references. One way to check a freight forwarder’s credibility is by contacting individuals or organisations that have used their services. A good air freight company will not hesitate to give you a list of happy and satisfied clients whom you can contact.Be sure to give them a call and ask them about the forwarder’s quality of service, responsiveness and professionalism.

Air freight service is preferred by many today because it offers a faster, more secure and cost-effective shipment and delivery of goods than other modes of transport. However, not all companies specialising in air freight are equal. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep the above tips in mind to ensure that you are working with a reputable air freight forwarder.

By Debra Wright

Debra Wright is a Marketing specialist, cupcake enthusiast and online author trying to make a mark in the web in not less than 500 words. Her motto: keep to your side of the bed. Follow her on twitter @debrawrites