Grow Yourself A Low Maintenance Garden

Maximize the relaxing and socialising you do in your garden by growing one that is completely low maintenance. A low maintenance garden is just as beautiful to look at as one filled with roses that requires constant care and work. A low maintenance garden costs less money to keep, as well.

To create the perfect low maintenance garden.

Select the right types of plants, flowers and other foliage. The right kinds of plants transform a garden, making it look appealing and colourful, without adding a need for more work. Do you want to try the easiest garden?

Try starting off with a garden that is limited as far as plants and flowers are concerned. Start by looking over areas of the garden that can be covered with chipping. Bark chippings are simple to use. Sprinkle them in shadier areas or areas of the garden where the lawn is sparse. These chippings provide an appealing, weed-resistant ground cover with virtually no need for care.

Choose to add decking or paving to areas of the garden. Be careful to avoid paving in areas where drainage is problematic. A simple fix is to add gravel to various spots of the garden. Plants that do not require much care thrive amongst gravel and these plants include sea holly and euphorbia varietals.

Are you ready for a little more involvement in a low care garden?

Look to add drought resistant plants to your existing arrangement. Mediterranean plants which thrive in warm climates are ideal choices. These plants require little watering, making gardening a simple chore.

Indulge in adding fragrance without adding work by planting thyme and sage. Plant these herbs wherever you like and make use of them in the kitchen as an added benefit to the payoff a low maintenance garden provides. Orange berberis and spiky yucca plants are other good choices for plants that thrive under full sun with a minimal amount of watering.

To add more colour to the garden all year long, chose a mixture of conifers and round hebes. These combine to create a striking look against one another. You want to create your own mix of slow growing conifers and shrub to fill in your low maintenance garden.

Juniper is a conifers which pairs beautifully with rock garden areas or patches of empty garden space. These hardy plants add blue green tones to the garden while giving off even more elegant fragrance for your special outdoor spaces.The evergreen shrub mahonia japonica is like the juniper in its blue green color, but it offers a winter surprise by producing bright yellow blossoms for you to enjoy without toiling over it.

Ferns are common evergreens that, because they are available in an array of shapes and sizes, offer a tremendous amount of potential. Add texture to your shadier garden spaces as well as colour. A striking fern to experiment with is called the Sword fern which lives up to its name with long dark green leaves.

Flowers do not have to present more problems with gardening when annual bulbs are involved. Planting bulbs requires some work, but once you choose snowdrops, alliums and cyclamen, you find that they come up each year with no additional effort. In addition to being simple to plant, they offer uncommon beauty and colour that your neighbours daffodils do not.

Avoid flowers such as roses or plants that require constant pruning. Stick to herbs over vegetables for low maintenance plants that can be helpful in the kitchen. Enjoy entertaining and relaxing in your garden. No one needs to know how easy it is to take care of such a spectacular outdoor haven. So, remember you do not need to divulge the secrets of your low maintenance garden.


Amy Rice writes about brilliant shrubs and beautiful plants, when not writing she enjoys gardening and dining out with friends.