The Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

air conditioner serviceWhen the heat and humidity of the summer days and nights take hold and feel like they are suffocating the life right out of you, the “type” of air conditioning unit you have is largely irrelevant. As long as cool air is blowing into whatever room you happen to be in, all is right with the world.

However, when you’re able to think the matter over logically at another time, you’ll find that the type of air conditioning unit you use can make a big difference. Many of us are accustomed to the small, portable window air conditioners or central air conditioning units that flow through the ductwork of your house, but there is a relatively new type that may be even better than either of these two. It is called ductless air conditioning.

How It Works

Ductless air conditioning works without one central unit or ducts, but with units that are installed in strategic locations throughout the house. Wall units and floor units are usually available, and they are connected to an outdoor unit by a small hole that is drilled into the wall. This type of system is also called a mini-split air conditioner.

The concept is to combine the versatility of a singular room unit with the wide range cooling potential of a central air conditioning system. The condenser and compressor are together as one unit and placed outside and the fan and evaporator are together as one unit and are inside, placed in the area that requires cooling. These two units are linked by a conduit that houses the power cable, suction tubing, refrigerant tubing and condensate drain. A ductless air conditioning system offers several benefits to many homeowners.

Easy to Install

Installation of a ductless air conditioning system is quite a bit easier than with a central system. All that is required is a three-inch hole drilled through the wall for the conduit to pass through. The outdoor and indoor units are usually up to 50 feet away from each other, so the ease of installation is not affected by which rooms you want cooled. The fact that the system won’t have to be routed through all of the ductwork in the house saves quite a bit of time and effort.

Quiet Operation Inside

Since the compressor, which is the noisy part of the operation, is set up outside the house, the unit operates quietly on the inside. The fan on the indoor unit is obviously going to make a little bit of noise, but they are usually run at a lower speed and the noise isn’t very noticeable.

Saving Energy

Energy savings is a benefit with any type of air conditioning unit or system, and the zone by zone quality of the ductless system provides just that. The fact that you can target specific areas or zones of the home or building means that unoccupied areas don’t need to be cooled for no reason. An individual thermostat relays the temperature in each room, so there is a lot more control when it comes to cooling.

Naturally, energy savings will translate to cost savings on your bill, and that is always a benefit. In many homes, there are rooms that are barely ever occupied, so this method of controlled cooling makes sense all around.  Some estimates put the cost savings of a ductless air conditioning system at up to 30 percent per month.

Design Options

Most ductless air conditioning systems offer design options that help them blend into the room without being so conspicuous.  Some air handlers hang from the ceiling, mount into a drop ceiling or hang on the wall. Floor units don’t take up much space, either, and jackets are often available to “dress up” the units and remote controls add to the convenience factor. If you’d like your indoor unit up high and out of the way, the remote makes it possible.


One big benefit of the ductless or mini-split air conditioner is that they have built-in heat pumps, so air conditioning is not the only service it provides. This multi-purpose option is ideal for homes and businesses in places that experience both winter and summer, with the extremes of temperature that the different seasons bring. The heating and cooling potential of this system is another way that it saves money, because homeowners don’t have to go out and purchase more than one unit. Easy air conditioner installation, energy and cost savings, quiet operation and a heating option to go with it are more than enough reasons to give a ductless air conditioning system a try, whether your home has ductwork or not.

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