How To Enhance Productivity With Office Fitouts

Admit it. You’re one of those people who tend to procrastinate and get easily distracted by whatever (and whoever!) passes your office. Even if you’re the Director of your company, anything can steal your attention: from your very chatty secretary to the slow ticking of the clock. Don’t you wish you could shut off the world when you’re at work and concentrate on the task at hand?

In this article, read tips on how to increase your employees’ productivity (and yours as well) with contemporary office fitouts.

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Switch to Lowered Partitions and Ergonomic Furnishings

You would think that high partitions could save you and your staff from the distracting happenings around the office, but you’re wrong. Workstations with little to no partitions are trending nowadays because of increasing distractions like gadgets and social networking sites.

Although this type of open work area might not save an employee from a noisy co-worker, it would certainly allow him to concentrate more on what he needs to do, like delivering the report at the end of the day. He would not risk surfing non-work related websites or answering a let’s-catch-up phone call from his best buddy when anyone, especially you, can hear or see what’s he’s doing.

Aside from dividers, consider replacing your old furniture with ergonomic furnishings. Employees, especially those who spend the entire shift sitting behind their desks, suffer from back pain. Ergonomic furniture, like chairs, lets them sit comfortably with proper back support. This type of chair also allows them to adjust the height and arms to reduce stress when typing or using the mouse.

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Create a Special Area for Team Meetings

In some companies, private offices, even for managers, are either being minimised or completely shunned nowadays to allow transparency and human interaction. Sadly, interacting face to face seems to be growing insignificant ever since wireless technology was introduced to the market years ago. Today, most meetings rely too much on computer applications such as Skype. A member of a sales team could be in Sydney, while another can be calling from a café somewhere in Canberra and it will still be considered a team meeting!

It sounds mighty convenient for traveling salesmen and busy executives who have to jump from one branch to the other, but it’s not such a great thing when it comes to driving the nail in. A team leader, for example, would want to motivate and need his team members around to brainstorm about preparing for possible sales challenges. Motivation over the phone? It’s just not as powerful as face to face interaction.

Is your workforce growing? That sounds wonderful! You’re probably thinking of moving to a bigger place to accommodate your employees. Modern office fitouts allow you to shrink huge workstations in favour of larger meeting areas. And yes, thanks to the technological advancements, laptops or, if you have to insist on desktops, flat screen monitors take up less space.


Even with the tips listed above, it’s understandably hard to figure out how to redesign your office to be more suitable for receiving clients and make it conducive for working at the same time. After all, you should be running a business and not contemplating about furnishings and space. Fortunately, making your employees more productive through effective office fitouts can be made a reality.

To get assistance in redesigning your office, all you need to do is find professionals who are experienced in commercial refurbishment projects. They should know a great deal about cost effective building refurbishment and procuring permits. Doing so should take a huge weight off your shoulders and allow you to direct your attention to becoming a successful businessman and an admirable employer.

By Debra Wright

Debra Wright is a creative and innovative blogger and online marketing specialist. She uses her wordsmith skills to share her ideas, thoughts, and tips to other people about topics that fascinate her, such as interior designs and refurbishments. Follow Debra on twitter @debrawrites