5 Tips For Creating The Perfect Resume

Entering the job-market can be daunting but if you have a good résumé, you could save yourself a lot of agony. The first thing that any potential employer looks at is your résumé, therefore it is important to get it right so that you can land your dream job.

We found 5 tips for creating the perfect résumé.

1. Include essential information

Your résumé is essentially a summary of your education, qualifications, skills, work experience and interests. There are many standard features that a résumé requires such as your name, contact details and of course your skills and experience. However, when you are constructing a résumé, make sure that you only include information that will positively contribute to your application. A résumé has to be utterly truthful therefore you need to ensure that all the information that you provide is 100% correct!

2. Use words wisely

Carefully wording your résumé’s will be to your advantage. A résumé should be short and sweet yet still convey your skills and achievements in an impressive way. Try to use bullet points to list your achievements and skills rather than incorporating them in a paragraph. Also avoid repetition or clumsily phrasing things. Using the active voice is also recommended when you write your résumé since it is easier to read and can even make you come across as more proactive.

3. Proof read & edit

A résumé should have no errors. If you have typos or grammatical mistakes on your résumé, it will reflect badly on you, make you seem sloppy and reckless and ultimately jeopardise your chances of landing an interview. Not only should you thoroughly proofread, you should also double check that all the information is correct—particularly check that your telephone number and email address are correct and up to date. You should also see if anything needs to be cut or added (giving your résumé to a friend or family member to look over is advised to get an objective opinion).

4. Personalise it

Very importantly, you need to personalise your résumé for every potential employer that you send it to. By adapting your résumé, you show that you have genuine interest in working for the specific employer. It is also to your benefit to show that you know what the company is about, the work that they do and what their values are (and show the employer that you have the necessary skills). If you are incorporating a section about yourself, subtly convey your strengths and skills that you have acquired from your experience to demonstrate how you are the perfect candidate for the position.

5. Stand out

You should do your best to make your résumé stand out. The obvious way to stand out is by having the necessary qualifications and skills for the position that you are applying for, so if possible try to get the required degrees, diplomas or certificates that might benefit you. Remember to add relevant life experiences such as volunteer work and internships to show your dedication to the field of work (and indicate how you have benefitted from the experience).

Standing out doesn’t only require an impressive list of experiences and qualifications: you can also be creative in the presentation! Bring in some colour to stand out and use a striking typography that is still legible. You could print your résumé on special paper or be creative in the layout (although remember that it needs to be easy to follow).

Alex Ford is from Western Australia and recently graduated with a geology degree. Alex keeps busy by surfing and doing odd jobs around his hometown. Lately, however, he’s been considering applying for some mining jobs in Australia since the money is so good.