Top 5 Firms For Asset Management

AssetsThe asset management sector of the finance industry is one of the most important of all sectors, yet it is the one that every few people understand or even know about. The major difference between a firm that specialises in asset management and, for example, a private equity fund, is that an asset manager will typically have a broader scope when it comes to what they can deal with.

After all, assets can be cash, property, equity in another company, as well as many other things.

Companies that deal in asset management services need to provide this broad range of functions because their clients have wildly differing needs. One client might want one thing looking after, while another client might be looking for a completely different service, albeit one that still falls under the asset management banner.

Individuals and businesses looking for asset management services tend to have interests around the world, hence their need for an efficient management service.

We’ve looked at the top five asset management firms in the world, and why they’re so good.

1. Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments is a world renowned private equity investment firm, generally working and managing assets on behalf of high net worth individuals as well as companies who invest heavily around the world.

2. ACPI Investments

Co-founded by ex-Goldman Sachs partners Alok Oberoi and Brett Lankester, ACPI Investments manages over $3.1billion of assets around the world and are well known for their wealth and asset management services.

3. Barclays

To millions of people around the world, Barclays are one of the most famous and iconic names on the high street when it comes to banking. However, they are also a giant of the asset management world and a trusted partner for many wealthy individuals.

4. JPMorgan

Another name that most people around the world have heard of. JPMorgan specialise in a whole range of services and make a fortune through offering brokerage and intermediary services for wealthy individuals, while their asset management and private equity arms are also well respected and equally as popular.

5. Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is another giant that many people will be more familiar with because of their presence on the high street. At the same time, they have global reach when it comes to asset management with interests of their own in many countries around the world on top of the many billions of assets and investments they manage on behalf of their clients.

These five companies are what we’d consider the world’s leading asset managers. As well as being hugely successful companies, they are also home to some of the most influential names in the finance industry and gain a lot of publicity owing to the thought leadership and insight offered by these individuals.

As well as managing billions in wealth and assets on behalf of clients, all of these companies are hugely successful investors in their own right and as such can be trusted to deliver a world class service to anyone that needs to use them.

Jack Gorse is a financial analyst at a retail company, who in his spare time enjoys researching and writing about the financial industry. He lives with his girlfriend in London and drives a Volkswagen Polo.