Modern Ways Businesses Use Technology

Technology is crucial to businesses. In the last few years there have been numerous studies that have looked at the relationship between businesses, particularly start-up businesses, and various types of technology. Sometimes, these studies have been looking at little more than results of a survey conducted to discover what technologies businesses are businesses use technology

Others have been able to spot trends to show that start-up businesses often fail because they under-invest in technology, while others have gone the other way and shown that businesses often overspend on technologies that they don’t actually need.

The lesson? That getting your technology spending correct is devilishly difficult to do! However, technology clearly isn’t something that can be ignored given how much of a make or break entity it appears to be.

Aside from the obvious – such as computers, mobile phones, and the internet – how do modern businesses use technology, and is it worthwhile?

For Seeking Investment

There are many ways businesses can raise money online. Most people would probably think of crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but then you also have private equity platforms like DealMarket and Angel List, too. The technology here isn’t the internet itself (like we said, obvious) but rather the platforms that are developed to support such initiatives.

It is now possible to fund a start-up business from scratch and carry out the whole process using a framework provided by sites like those above, while it is also possible to connect with companies like ACPI who might be able to assist as well as invest themselves.

While few people think of businesses using technology in this way, these platforms have opened up a whole new range of possibilities for companies to get the funding they need.

Cloud Platforms

If there’s a technology that has potential to change the business world but be divisive at the same time, it is cloud computing. Indeed, it is already starting to change the world, but there are still concerns held by businesses in relation to the security of the cloud.

The cloud can be used for everything from web hosting to data storage, with the latter causing the most concern, both in terms of confidential company data as well as personal details relating to customers and clients.

Ultimately, the cloud is highly likely to grow into a “must” for businesses in the coming years and will definitely be something that it is worthwhile to be invested in, although there are several obstacles to clear before it reaches that stage.

Green Technology

It is no secret that the environment is high on the global agenda, which is why green technology is so important to the modern business. Usage of green technology might extend to little more than having energy saving light bulbs or appliances in an office, but for bigger businesses it is likely to mean the offsetting of carbon emissions or other initiatives that use green technology.

Is this worthwhile? Definitely, as it helps companies to champion their green credentials and social responsibility while also saving them money.

David Jackson is an environmental campaigner who is also passionate about the technology industry, and particularly how the industry can make the world a better place. He lives in London with his three children.