Avoiding “Aggressive” Dog Breeds: Popular Puppy Breeds

English Bulldog dog breedIt’s hard to resist going into the pet store and gawking at the puppies with adoration. They are cute! But what happens after you fall for those puppy eyes and walk out with one cute puppy?

Well, as soon as you enter your home, the first thing that cute little puppy might do is… Pee. Then you realize that the cute little darling has to be potty trained. A few days later, after the puppy has chewed your favorite shoes, or ran away with your favorite socks, you admit that it’s a lot more work taking care of a puppy.

So, you need to invest a little time with your puppy by training her.

What Is A Puppy Like

Basically, a puppy is like a baby. It has little control over its ability to pee, which is the way accidents can happen. With time, persistence and consistency your puppy will soon understand to hold her pee and poops until she is outside. Another matter with puppies is their extreme playful nature. Their sense of play is to chase you around, sometimes with toys or maybe your shoe. Sometimes playful biting takes place in the beginning which you will also have to monitor.

She is testing her limits, trying to gauge just how hard she can bite you before you get angry. Therefore, you need to let her know soon if a bit is too hard for your liking. Either a yelp, or a firm “no!” will send her the message. It is essential that you teach the puppy her limits, as soon as you can particularly in regards to the biting and chasing. If left unchecked, the puppy will continue to play rough, which is a danger if you have guests (especially small children). Puppies get very excited to see children, thinking that they are like other puppies. Unintentionally, a puppy’s rough play can cause serious injury to a little child.

There are resources in the market to help you raise your pup. Hopefully, you managed to pick one that’s easy to train, because there are quite a few stubborn breeds.

Afghan Hound

The oldest dog breed. They are difficult train as they do what they please. They ignore any requests, or training form the owner.

Bassett Hound

Droopy eyed and long eared. Their keen sense of smell help them pick up the faintest of scents; but, once they do pick up a scent, they stubbornly chase after it. No prompts from her master can stop her. The Bassett Hound are gentle and well-tempered, so they do well around people.


This breed likes to be independent, which make it difficult to train. They don’t grow big, ranging from a size small to a medium. Despite their difficult of training them, they are cute and loving dogs.


Mastiffs are the largest dog breeds around. They can weigh up to 130lbs. Their stubborn nature has proven to make training a very difficult task. Only an expert dog trainer has the persistence and experience to handle a Mastiff. Even then, then sessions have to be short. Although, due to their large size, mastiffs make great guard dogs, but respond better to kind and soft voices.


They are independent and have a domineering personality. You might be able to train them through consistency and firmness; otherwise, they listen like a stubborn four year old. These small to medium dogs are loyal to their masters.

Jennifer is a writer at The Loewy Law Firm, a personl injury law firm in Austin, Texas. Jennifer believes that a dog acts the way that an owner trains them to, therefore violent dogs aren’t born they are raised.