Garden Glory: 5 Simple Outdoor Furniture Pieces To Make Your Garden Stand Out

For many people, owning a garden brings it with the never-ending chore of weeding, watering the plants, and then at the end of the day, still finding that their backyard patch will never look as good as the ones featured on TV.

Sometimes, all it may take is a new piece of furniture to add some liveliness to your garden. Here are five simple yet elegant pieces that could transform your garden from the ordinary to extraordinary:

Sit back and relax with a hammock

Nothing says relaxation quite like having a hammock in your backyard. Whether you’re looking for a complex set-up made of handwoven cloth from Ecuador or just a simple sheet to hang between two trees, there are many different types of hammocks out there to suit your needs and your garden. It’s great for resting, swinging, reading, and a good old nap, so why not consider one for your garden today?

Shade yourself with a canvas sun shelter

Instead of building or installing a heavy pergola that makes your outdoor space look even more cluttered than before, consider investing in a canvas sun shelter. Canvas sun shelters are usually much more affordable than a heavy duty pergola and add a whole new dimension to your garden, making it feel instantly more summery and indeed, more comfortable. More importantly, sun shelters block out harmful UV rays that may cause sunburn and skin cancer. Who could say no to that?

Dine in style with a patio set

Sure, having a full outdoor dining table will really wow the guests, but unless you’re intending to throw regular dinner parties, it’s probably not worth the investment. Rather, consider buying a small patio set. Patio sets come in various shapes and sizes, meaning you can choose (and even mix and match) between stone tables, wrought iron chairs, or even a whole set made of recycled plastic. The whole piece can then be multifunctional: used for everything from your outdoor study desk to a place for a casual meal when the friends come over. Nothing too pretentious, of course!

Calm your senses with a water feature

Once restricted to the domain of hotels, casinos, and memorials, today water features are a popular item in many people’s gardens. Like hammocks, there are thousands of different types of water features, ranging from the simple desk top water fountain to artificial waterfalls that cover a whole wall. Although your water and electricity bills may rise after your installation, new technologies today mean that water features are in fact much more water and energy efficient than you might think!

Have some me time with a sofa

If a patio set seems too rigid and yet a hammock too free, you might find an outdoor sofa to be the perfect solution. Outdoor sofas can stretch into the thousands of dollars if it’s the leather detailing and quality wood that you want, but for a few hundred, you can feasibly invest in a durable sofa set perfect for your next drink with a friend or adventure with a book!

Phoebe Reagan is a university student and freelance writer who is interested in interior design and decoration. She loves shopping at Nick Scali furniture in her spare time for her next great piece!