How To Choose Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen curtains are not just functional, they are also decorative.

Curtains are very important during the decoration of your kitchen, and that is exactly what you need to take into consideration, if you want your kitchen to look good… Which curtains will you choose depends on a lot of factors. Start of with the type of furniture in your kitchen, the color of it and the color of the walls. For a modern kitchen you need to choose the fitting materials.

Kitchen curtains can be full length or the length of the windows, depending on whether the window is close to the working surface or are you going to cover the door of the kitchen that leads to the balcony. More modern looks are given by simple curtains, without decorated edges.

green curtainsYou can consult a designer or decorator that will offer you a few solutions in order to make the choice of the right curtain easier. For a modern kitchen that is connected to your dining room, you can combine various colors and materials. With that you will accent the separation of certain spaces even more.

In the kitchen above the sink you can put curtains that can be lifted, because they give an even amount of light and disperse it on the working surface. On the door that leads to the balcony, use full length curtains, filled with rich folds as they will give warmth to the space. Rustic kitchens always put the accent of warmth and atmosphere. They are built with a lot of natural materials and decorated with a lot of details. In these types of kitchens, curtains accent the connection if they on the window and the door you have the same material and print.

With these curtains, you can choose either wheels or decorative laced endings of the curtains. If that seems a bit too decorated for you, it is enough to choose a small diamond print in pastel colors like yellow, pink, blue or white.

Choosing the curtains fabric

Curtains are available in all kinds of fabric. Think about the thickness of the fabric – if you want mesh, lacy transparent or thicker cotton, linen or hemp. For each material you should previously check the declaration and the type of maintenance needed. It will be easier to decide if the curtains can be washed in a machine or washed by hand. Generally, it seems that cotton is the most appropriate material for kitchen curtains. You should always choose a material for your kitchen that will allow enough light in and give a sense of transparency.

Color choice

Do you know what color to choose for your kitchen? The choice is connected to other interior colors. The color of the curtains can be connected with the color of the tiles as well. If you have chosen neutral tile colors like black, dark gray, white or silver or on the other hand more warm shades like terracotta or beige, the color of your curtains must be chosen in consideration of the existing colors. More fresh colors are a good choice for smaller windows and a darker kitchen.


During the pattern and curtain design choice, you will be confused by the huge selection of designs for kitchen curtains: stripped, floral or abstract ornaments, as well as discreet patterns. Think about what is ideal for your kitchen, depending on the style of the furniture, choose classic, modern or retro. You can easily be mistaken with all the colors around you. If you can’t decide by yourself, seek advice from a designer.

Curtain price and maintenance

Kitchen curtains are not bought very often, but the price needs to be inside your house budget. Kitchen windows, as well as curtains, need to be maintained more often. Can curtains be washed by hand or machine? The curtains in your kitchen will be washed more often than other curtains in your house, so if you are able to wash them in a machine it will be much easier.

Choose the right curtain size

For a kitchen window, near the stove and food preparation, short curtains are practical. If you want a larger amount of light in your kitchen, you can widen the curtain rods outside the window frame and widen your curtains with it. Before buying you need to have all the measurements.

If there is a stove near your curtain, a safer choice would be going with rolo or roman curtains made from a non flammable material. Confection curtains in standard sizes have a tendency to be cheaper, but if you have non standard windows it is better to go with a custom made curtain, where designers can help you, as well as salesmen specialized in curtains, curtain rods and decoration.

By Milan Budimkic

Milan Budimkic, the author of this article, is an owner of MB SEO agency at Belgrade. He is also a creative freelance writer for industries that include but are not limited to the travel, sport, entertainment, home decor, internet marketing, and much more. When not blogging, Milan likes to travel and read a lot.